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The Dandy Warhols

Earth to the Dandy Warhols
Beat the World
(Two and half stars)

Christian Hoard Sep 09, 2008
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Earth to the Dandy Warhols finds the Portland, Oregon, rockers seriously indulging their artier side for the second album in a row ”“ perhaps they’ve accepted that their commercial moment passed with the 2004 documentary Dig!, which followed them from obscurity to major-label success. Or maybe they still covet the weirdo genius accorded their buddies and Dig! co-stars, the Brian Jones-town Massacre. Whatever the case, this vaguely space-themed, quasi-psychedelic disc is a misstep: The melodies are buried in electric goo, and frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s sharp wit is tough to decipher under an assortment of buzzes and drones. Sometimes the band’s strong tune sense breaks through: On ”˜Love Song’ ”“ which features guitar work from Mark Knopfler and banjo from the Heartbreakers’ Mike Campbell ”“ the Dandys turn out pretty jangle rock. But ”˜Welcome to the Third World,’ which mashes up airy keyboards, a disco-funk groove and Taylor-Taylor’s dragueur sing-speak, almost literally seems like two songs playing at the same time. Too often, Earth sounds like the Dandys have too many toys ”“ or maybe too many ideas.

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