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The Delhi Metal Project Returns By Popular Demand

The collective of Delhi metallers will perform popular Indian metal songs and a few covers at their Gurgaon gig

Anurag Tagat Apr 11, 2013
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Former Undying Inc vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar. Photo: Monisha Ajgaonkar

Former Undying Inc vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar. Photo: Monisha Ajgaonkar

Delhi metal artists are throwing one big party for fans this month, as the Delhi Metal Project regroups to perform for the first time after opening for Megadeth at NH7 Weekender in Delhi last year. The collective performs at Attitude Alive in Gurgaon on April 27th.

Lately, Shashank Bhatnagar [former vocalist with groove metallers Undying Inc], Keshav Dhar [guitarist with prog metal band Skyharbor], Arsh Sharma [guitarist with experimental rock band The Circus] and Raj Das [bassist with progressive/thrash metal band Artillerie], who are all part of the Delhi Metal Project, have begun guesting with other bands. They recently performed at the two Circus and Friends gigs in February and March.

For their April 27th show, The Delhi Metal Project, which comprises 15 metallers, will perform songs by Delhi bands such as prog metal act Skyharbor, prog thrash tech metallers Artillerie, progressive death metal band Guillotine, death metal band Third Sovereign and electro metal band Frequency, among others. “The Delhi Metal Project was around even three years ago, when we did a Pantera tribute at Cafe Morrison. It’s just about musicians playing what they like. We had a Slayer tribute after that at Cafe Oz. But this gig will concentrate more on the Delhi metal scene,” says Bhatnagar. Soundtree Media initiated the regrouping of the project.

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Although The Circus isn’t really a metal band, their guitarist Arsh Sharma will play on three songs, including a Pantera cover that is yet to be decided. “I was going to play at Weekender, but our set was shortened. I’m a big metal enthusiast, I play metal in my alone time,” says Sharma, whose metal track called “Grønefeldt” featured on an RSJ compilation. Frequency vocalist Lalit Mehta, who is also gearing up to launch the band’s first EP, Burning Miles, this month, will join Bhatnagar and Artillerie vocalist Noble Luke for what Bhatnagar calls a “triple aural assault.”  Mehta says he’ll lend vocals to Third Sovereign’s “Everlasting Burn” and Artillerie’s “Phalanx of Chaos.” He adds, “We just kicked off jam sessions and I’m thinking of adding a few Soilwork songs as well.” Bhatnagar will provide vocals for Skyharbor’s “Trayus” with Keshav Dhar on guitars, and cover prog metal band Meshuggah’s song “Sane.” “It’s just about jamming with friends, really. I want to do this more often,” says Bhatnagar.

The Delhi Metal Project includes:


Raj Das (bass) – Artillerie 

Shakti Singh (bass) – Third Sovereign 

Varun Sood (drums) – Frequency 

Aadhar Malhotra(drums)  – Artillerie 

Rahul Mehalwal (guitars) – 1833 AD

Raul Belgard (guitars) – Artillerie 

Kshitish Purohit (guitars)- Artillerie

Keshav Dhar (guitars) – Skyharbor 

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Arsh Sharma (guitars) ”“ The Circus 

Abhishek Jha (samples) – Frequency 

Karan Nambiar (vocals) – Guillotine 

Anubhav Misra (vocals) – Acrid Semblance 

Shashank Bhatnagar(vocals) – Ex Undying Inc

Noble Luke (vocals)  – Artillerie / Blind Image

Lalit Mehta(vocals) – Frequency / Blend

The Delhi Metal Project performs at Attitude Alive, Gurgaon on April 27th, 2013, 8pm onwards. Entry Rs 300. Event details here.

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