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‘The Family Man’ S2 Soundtrack Features Brodha V, Fiddlecraft, Swarathma and More

Amazon Prime Video’s much-awaited new release steals hearts with not just its story but also its sound, provided by Indian indie’s best

Tanushi Bhatnagar Jun 05, 2021
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The second season of the 2019 blockbuster crime series The Family Man released on June 4th on Amazon Prime Video to much anticipation. The ultra-hyped spy thriller claimed to bring a taste of classic Hollywood crime dramas to India and stood its ground even with its subsequent installment. 

Currently basking in positive acclaim from followers, The Family Man once again caught our attention for its heart-thumping and emotionally-driven soundtrack. The franchise keeps up its energetic Mission: Impossible-esque soundtrack but flaunts a trilingual twist sprinkled all over this nine-parter web drama. After all, a suspenseful scene without music or background score makes for a hilariously haphazard shuffle. 

One of the most popular tracks from the series — the theme song “Dega Jaan” by Sachin-Jigar and Mellow D ft. Shreya Ghoshal — is synonymous with the essence of the show. The song receives a special Tamil remix by R. Rajesh this time. The show has a perfect assortment of multi-genre music in English, Hindi and Tamil from rock, rap, classical and even folk artists countrywide. 

Pune-based indie band Fiddlecraft are featured throughout the show with a series of tracks. “Toofan,” a high-powered rap, condenses the feeling of excitement and impending twists at the end of the second episode. On the other hand, folk-rock bops “Chal Ghar Wapas Chale” and “Andherey” are tinged with hard-hitting lyrics that fit the storyline like a glove but may not stay permanently in our playlist. 

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Listen to Fiddlecraft’s ‘The Family Man’ OST here

The OST breaks language barriers as it familiarizes a countrywide audience with modern as well as classic Tamil music. For instance, “Unnara Vaithai” by National Film Award winner Bindhumalini is a soulful melody that comforts you after an intensely emotional scene and makes a perfect addition to our Sunday morning playlist. Similarly, “Maya,” a unique electro-Carnatic fusion by composer Mahesh Shankar and seasoned classical vocalist Sumitra Guha will bring you an experience unlike any other. Unsurprisingly, the viral 2019 English rap “Vainko” by the Bengaluru hip-hop artist Brodha V also made its way to the soundtrack list. Also repping the city are folk-rock frontrunners Swarathma, whose whimsical track “Beta Sweater Pehno” about helicopter parenting features. 

One of the most wistful and feel-good songs of the OST is “Kho Gaye Hain Wo” by musician Harpreet, who gloriously strings together poetry and rhythm. His candent voice and acoustic guitar on the 2020 single makes for a swaying addition.

Apart from its pleasantly varied soundtrack, the show presents an ode to legendary songs from the past. Multiple episodes feature the song “Sach Mere Yaar Hai” by S.P. Balasubrahmanyam as a tribute to the Indian playback singing maestro. The first episode also sets the mood of the part-comedic parallel of protagonist Srikant Tiwari with the 1975 R.D. Burman pop hit “Mehbooba Mehbooba.” 

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Overall, The Family Man succeeded to amalgamate Tamil classical melodies with Hindi and English rap and electronic beats, all packed in a short nine-parter series. The soundtrack is aptly reflective of the story and the emotion throughout the show as a mix of genres is put to the test fruitfully. 

Watch ‘The Family Man S2’ on Amazon Prime Video.

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