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The Flaming Lips

The Dark Side of the Moon
Warner Bros.
[Two and a half stars]

rsiwebadmin Mar 10, 2010
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Just past mid-night on January 1, with confetti cannons exploding, the Flaming Lips launched into a raucous cover of Pink Floyd’s 1973 bedroom-spliff warhorse, The Dark Side of the Moon. Sounds like it was fun ”“ more so than this recorded version. There are some cool takes here: a dark, disco ”˜On the Run,’ a Henry Rollins-assisted ”˜Speak to Me/Breathe’ that comes with a psychedelic guitar freakout. But nobody needed to hear Peaches yowling on ”˜The Great Gig in the Sky,’ and Wayne Coyne and crew sound strangely constrained on this one. It’s not all their fault: The original Dark Side of the Moon has more dull spots than you remember.

Key Tracks: ”˜Speak to Me/Breathe,’ ”˜On the Run’

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