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The Fringe Pop To Perform At Live From The Console

Spook and Tejas Menon will also perform at the latest edition of the fortnightly gig series

Megha Mahindru Oct 18, 2012
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The Fringe Pop

Last month, Mumbai alt rockers The Fringe Pop made their gig debut with day-long crowd-funded show, Control ALT Delete. Barely 15 days later they were happy to have accidently opened for Finnish death metallers Children Of Bodom at Kingfisher The Great Indian Octoberfest in Bengaluru. “It was brilliant. We played an early set and after our performance, the other bands couldn’t perform since it started raining. So we ended up sort of opening for COD,” says the band’s frontman Shreyas Kendurkar.

The four-member band originally started out as a college band when Kendurkar [guitar and vocals], Caleb Prabhakar [drums] and Aaron Marcus [bass] got together at BITS Pilani in 2009. “We had a more raw, garage sound then,” Kendurkar recalls. After they graduated, the band members were scattered across three cities. “Aaron was working in Mumbai, Caleb in Hyderabad and I was in Bhopal.” However, they carried on multi-city jams intermittently, playing competitions like Hornbill National Rock Contest in Nagaland and Slash at CBIT in Hyderabad.

In 2010, college alumni and friend Ankeet Bhat joined the band to play guitars. Currently, three members of The Fringe Pop are in Mumbai, while Prabhakar is still based in Hyderabad. “Our songwriting has improved since we are closer now. The sound is not that heavy anymore,” says Kendurkar, adding that the band has been influenced by acts like The Arctic Monkeys, The White Stripes and Two Door Cinema Club.

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For now, the band has recorded two demo songs. “We have not recorded a full-length album called Rockstar,” says Kendurkar, hoping to put the misreports to rest. The band has released a single titled “Rockstar” and will release an EP in November followed by a debut album in 2013.

This weekend, The Fringe Pop will perform at the upcoming edition of fortnightly concert series, Live From The Console. At their second gig in Mumbai [third since they formed], Kendurkar says that they will debut some of their original material. “We will play songs like ”˜Women of My Dream’, ”˜Bitter Sweet Adventure’ and ”˜Come Home Again.’ Most of the songs are written by Aaron and talk about his life, girls and experiences of a 24-year-old.”

The Saturday gig will start with the screening of Davis Guggenheim’s documentary It Might Get Loud, which explores the careers and styles of Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White. Also performing on stage are singer-songwriter Tejas Menon, who will play an acoustic set and Mumbai band Spook that is ready with their debut, crowd-funded album Lyrical Cynic. 

Tejas Menon, The Fringe Pop and Spook will perform at Live From The Console on October 20th, 2012 at Mehboob Studio, Bandra. Entry: Rs 250


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