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The Galeej Gurus

By Gaurav Vaz of The Raghu Dixit Project

Rolling Stone IN Mar 10, 2010

Photograph by Senthil Photography

The Galeej Gurus and I go back a long way! In many ways, they introduced me to rock & roll. I’m talking of a time close to ten years ago. As part of Phenom, an up-and-coming prog-rock band at that time, the Galeej Gurus were our biggest nemesis and at the same time one of our biggest inspirations. I remember running out to stand right in front of the stage when Nathan, Mathew and Ananth proceeded to put on a show instead of just coming out and playing some songs. We’d marvel at their skill and wonder how they did it being a pure three-piece band, especially how Nathan managed to sing and play the drums. And then we’d shout at the top of our voices when they ended their set with ”˜Full Meals by the Way Side.’ Today, the band has completely re-invented itself, the addition of Naveen on guitars and Kishan on drums freeing Nathan up to do his bit as the frontman and vocalist is a brilliant move.

In the Indian indie scene, any band that sticks together for over ten years deserves immense praise and especially these guys who have grown from strength to strength in that time and in the recent time drawn international acclaim after winning a slot at Dubai Desert Rock with a couple of international shows under their belt. So, cheers to one of India’s last remaining rock & roll bands. You guys are destined for great things and are well on your way! Thanks for being an inspiration.

By Gaurav Vaz of The Raghu Dixit Project

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