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The Great Indian Octoberfest This Weekend

Poets of The Fall headline The Great Indian Octoberfest this weekend in Bengaluru

Sharin Bhatti Nov 10, 2011
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The gig season has opened with a bang and this weekend will flag off the first of the many music festivals that will have most of us travelling across the nation. Three-day The Great Indian Octoberfest, kick-starts tomorrow November 11 at Karnataka Trade Promotional Organization (KTPO), Whitefield, Bangaluru.

The impressive lineup consists of the usual suspects, who will also be playing at next weekend’s Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune and India Music Week in New Delhi, including  Tough On Tobacco, Goddess Gagged, Soulmate and more in the 30-artiste lineup. The main draw is the headlining act,  alternative rockers Poets Of The Fall, who will be playing their second gig in India after their last concert in IIT Kanpur in 2007.

The Finnish band is seemingly excited about returning to the nation. “We have a lot of fans in India and after our fist gig here, we had been getting a lot of fan mail and download hits from the country. That was a mindblowing gig. Thousands of people came for the show and there were people standing outside the venue watching us from treetops and building roofs. At one point, when we were signing autographs after show, about 50 people came up on stage and we felt mobbed. That was real fan power, which we did not expect in this part of the world,” vocalist Marko Saaresto told ROLLING STONE in an interview.

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But besides hoping to be  long-draw festival with an impressive lineup, it’s also the  most pocket-friendly three-day outing., priced at a meager Rs.1980. No more reasons needed!

Check out the full lineup and buy passes for the festival at their website http://www.kingfisherworld.com/tgiof/index.aspx

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