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The Heavy and Mellow Come To Harley Rock Riders Pre-Party

Prog rockers Slain and blues band The Chronic Blues Circus play in Bengaluru today

Anurag Tagat Nov 16, 2012
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For Slain, it’s been almost two years since they released their first full-length album Here & Beyond. Even then, their hour-long set for today’s gig consists of mostly songs off their debut album, besides a few covers, including a nod to one of their influences American prog rock vets Dream Theater, with tracks such as “Pull Me Under.”

Slain fans can rarely tire of the band’s set. This is due to the fact that songs such as “Superhero,” “You Don’t Have To Be A Star” and “Spread Your Wings” have been shifting shape every time they have performed them live. Guitarist Manek D’Silva says, “We like change, and so we kept changing the songs [even after releasing Here & Beyond]. There’s a difference between understanding an album and understanding playing live.”

One of Bengaluru’s oldest bands, The Chronic Blues Circus, would readily agree with Slain. The band has played for over 21 years with nearly 40 musicians. Their current lineup, which has stood constant for five years, will be playing an hour and 15 minute-set. Fans can look out for their reggae songs “Open Secrets,” and “Try and Try”. The band’s vocalist Peter Isaac adds, “Reggae seems to be the right kind of music for protest. We’re not just shaking our backsides on stage.”

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The date also coincides with two other events for Slain – their drummer Joe Jacob’s birthday and the debut of their music video for “Your Majesty” on national television. The song will be aired on MTV India’s show dedicated to alternative music, Roots on the same night as their gig.

Slain is also laying down plans for a multi-city tour with a choir soon. “Almost all members of our band have been part of a professional choir so it’s linked to our own tastes,” adds D’Silva.

Slain and The Chronic Blues Circus play at Budweiser presents Harley Rock Riders pre-festival party at CounterCulture on November 16th, 8pm onwards. Free Entry. Event details here.

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