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The Hoodwink Circle Release Debut EP ‘With The Flow’

Mumbai alt rock band on why it took them four years to release their first record

Anurag Tagat Sep 14, 2016
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The Hoodwink Circle. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

In 2012, when Mumbai studio and jamroom That Studio launched, alternative rock band The Hoodwink Circle were the first to track live drums there. Guitarist-vocalist Aidan Lewis says, “Bands that recorded there after us have already released stuff and gone back and recorded more and released that as well.”

The Hoodwink Circle came together nine years ago when guitarist Sanju Aguiar (from thrash metallers Devoid) and Lewis, both neighborhood friends, met bassist Ishaan Krishna at a show they were playing for the late veteran rock singer Nandu Bhende. In 2011, they added drummer Rahul Hariharan (from metal act Bhayanak Maut). For a band that’s been around that long, The Hoodwink Circle sure love to take their own sweet time. “We’re the laziest band. I’m trying to get a conference call done right now and it’s just not happening.” Lewis laments. He is not joking.

So it’s a feat in itself that their debut six-track EP With the Flow is finally ready for more ears. Recorded by sound engineer Arun Iyer (also vocalist-guitarist from Devoid) and recording engineer and guitarist Kuber Sharma (from instrumental metal band Pangea), With the Flow was mastered by Anupam Roy. Despite some of the best names from Indian rock and metal scenes combining forces for the EP, the release still took time. “Ishaan went off to study in the UK [in 2014] so there was a lull since he was the guy handling the mixes,” says Lewis.


‘With The Flow’ artwork by R. Venkatraman

The delay has by no means discounted the worth of any of the songs. Lewis says, “These are the songs that kept us together as a band.” The compositions range from loving his bike (“Suzanna”) to dealing with the Indian education system (“Failure”) to punctuality (“Late”). Lyrically, the songs are straightforward, and while Lewis says he can write far better now, the music stands solid ”“ a mix of rock, funk and metal that continually commands your attention.

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There’s no launch gig for this long-awaited release ”“ something Lewis is totally fine with considering that the band members already have a hectic calendar ahead as session players/touring artists. But on the upside, there is more new material on the way. They’re already “80 percent done” with their new song “Emote,” which was written as recently as last month. Looks like The Hoodwink Circle won’t stop writing any time soon. Despite the busy schedules, Lewis says, “We’ll still keep making music.”

Stream and download With the Flow on www.thehoodwinkcircle.com

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