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The Incredible Mindfunk To Play at Harley Rock Riders in Delhi

The Delhi-based alternative/ psychedelic rock band launched their debut album in June this year

Rolling Stone India Sep 11, 2013
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The Incredible Mindfunk. Photo: Shivam Pathak

The Incredible Mindfunk. Photo: Shivam Pathak

Between deep wisdom imparted through spoken word poetry by the band’s friends, Delhi alternative/psychedelic rockers The Incredible Mindfunk traverse through light-headed music that occasionally gets dark on their debut album, Absolutely Essential. Their 11-track album flows seamlessly, and guitarist Siddhant Agarwal is quick to add that Absolutely Essential was “planned as a concept album.”

But Agarwal feels the band hasn’t sold the concept of the album, which deals with change and getting over problems, to their listeners. Speaking of sold, he adds, “We haven’t been able to push as many CDs as we want to.” Absolutely Essential released in June this year, but is yet to get a digital release, which the guitarist says will happen soon on platforms such as OKListen.

Formed in 2011, The Incredible Mindfunk went through a few lineup changes before they settled on Amira Gill as the vocalist and Amar Pandey as the bassist. While drummer Ranajoy Das contributed on Absolutely Essential, his departure to study at Berklee made the band recall their first drummer Karan Malik back to the kit.

Lineup changes, album delays and lack of CD sales are certainly problems faced by many bands, but when Agarwal explains the song details of the concept behind Absolutely Essential, we know they’ve probably figured a way out. “These songs deal with the seven steps of dealing with any problem. There’s denial [“Don’t”], perspective [“Maybe It’s Me”], breakdown [“Red Lights”] and acceptance [“Move On”]. But then you wake up the next day and you’ve still got to deal with problems [“Everyday Is”¦”] and that every day is absolutely essential,” he adds.

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Meanwhile, the band hopes to give another push for CD sales when they play at Harley Rock Riders Season IV on September 12th at Hard Rock Café in Delhi. Adds Agarwal, “We’re playing the entire album, minus the monologues.”

The Incredible Mindfunk, The Circus, Barefaced Liar and Gravy Train play at Harley Rock Riders Season IV at Hard Rock Café, New Delhi on September 12th, 2013. Entry: Rs 250. Event details here.

Watch The Incredible Mindfunk’s performance at the Indo German Urban Mela last year.

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