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The Koniac Net to record new songs this month

The Mumbai band is working on four new songs and a unique cover

Rolling Stone India Jun 17, 2015
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The Koniac Net performing at The Humming Tree, Bengaluru. Photo courtesy of the band.

The Koniac Net performing at The Humming Tree, Bengaluru. Photo: Courtesy of the band.


Give us a song about aliens and interstellar oddities over love any day. “Life on Mars” over “Love Song” any day.  The Koniac Net’s founder and frontman David Abraham will agree. Abraham has channeled his sci-fi “nerdiness” as he puts it for two new songs. Says Abraham, who is also the band’s songwriter, “I try and stay away from writing about generic themes like love and heartbreak. While I do have those themes, they’re very subtle.” Which is also why Koniac Net’s last album One Last Monsoon, released in 2012, was led by how a misanthrope would view the world, while their EP Abiogenesis, released in 2014, was based on the spawning of a new species.

Not very long ago ”“ in 2011 – ace drummer Ranjit Barot released an album titled Bada Boom, which also drew from interstellar themes. Soon, Barot and Abraham will be swapping science-fiction stories considering the drummer will be producing The Koniac Net’s new songs. Says Abraham, “I think we’re going to be the first band to be signed to Ranjit Barot. I shouldn’t say much apart from that because although things have been finalized, they haven’t been ”˜officially finalized’, because Barot is currently touring in England.”

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While the band plans to stick to their signature sound by combining elements of hard rock and shoegaze, they also want to bring in some new genres into the mix. This is also why they will be doing their own version of French electro-rock group The Shoes’ “Wastin Time.” Adds Abraham, “We want to show our fans that we’re not just an indie band or not just a hard rock band, but we try and incorporate other genres that we really love. While we perform covers a lot, “Wastin’ Time” ended up sounding so different from the original, we figured we might as well release it as our own.”

The Koniac Net is hoping to hit the studio by the end of this month to record four originals and their own rendition of “Wastin’ Time”. Abraham tells us that two of the songs are almost ready and that his band even tested them out while performing at a fashion show and at a recent gig at The Humming Tree in Bengaluru. The band hopes to release the five tracks by October, but have even bigger plans for a double CD after. Adds Abraham, “We’re really excited about the double CD, that’s been our main goal for about five years now.”

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