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The Legends Tour Opens With Dave Seaman

Will play Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore next week

Ambika Muttoo May 28, 2012
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Dave Seaman

The first time ROLLING STONE India spoke to dance music DJ and producer Dave Seaman was in 2009 in Delhi after he played at the now-defunct superclub, Elevate. It was close to four in the morning and our beer-filled chat, turned into a two-hour session. The DJ, whose incredible career spans 25 years, has the history of EDM on his fingertips. Dave returns to tour India this month,
rightfully claiming the first spot of “The Legends Tour.”

How has your touring experience in India been till date?

Last year, I did Blue Frog in Mumbai, which was very good, as was Delhi. But on the other side of it, I did Pune, which wasn’t great at all.

In terms of the reaction from audiences?

There wasn’t anybody there, basically. It was poorly attended. Then there’s Bangalore. I didn’t even get a chance to play because the police closed it down. That was a bit of strange situation to find myself in. Being hidden away in a corner while the police tried to find me. From what I could gather ”“ there’s obviously political matters involved with venues. But the whole thing about a dancing ban across the board seems to stem from lap dancing clubs? If authorities can’t tell the difference between lap dancing and regular dancing then obviously something needs to be done. A blanket ban on people enjoying themselves seems to be the case here.

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You’ve been a big influence on EDM followers. Who are your electronica legends?

Sasha and John Digweed, Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, Pete Tong. I grew up in the late Eighties, so people from that era are my legends.

What were the reasons behind shutting down your label, Audio Therapy?

I might do another label at some point. I don’t think I’ll resurrect the Audio Therapy brand, but start something new. The reasons were simple: I was losing money on it. Although I never got into it to make money, because that would be a foolish idea [laughs]! But I never got into having a label to lose money either. There’s so much music out there now and you’re fighting so hard for the few sales you get on mp3; it just doesn’t generate any revenue. For the moment, I’m just enjoying not having to deal with a label for a little while! I’ve been doing it
20 years so I’m on sabbatical for some time!

Dave Seaman’s tour details below:

31st May: Royalty, Mumbai

1st June: Mi A Mi, Pune

2nd June: Kitty Su, Delhi

3rd June: FBar, Bangalore

Entry TBC on www.submerge,in

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