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The Playlist Special: Farhan Akhtar

Bollywood’s poster boy for rock picks all-time classics like the Beatles and Pink Floyd as part of his playlist

Rolling Stone India Mar 18, 2016
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Farhan Akhtar. Photo courtest of Colston Julian.

Farhan Akhtar. Photo: Colston Julian

Farhan Akhtar’s playlist is one that every rock & roll lover would be familiar with and even count as their own list of all-time favorites. The filmmaker-actor-singer’s influences include everything from the rock gods Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam to electronica duo The Chemical Brothers.

1. “In My Life” The Beatles, 1965

It is one of the first songs I would listen to on loop as a child. Play. Rewind. Play. Rewind.


2. Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd, 1973

The album that made me want to play guitar. My go-to album on long drives.


3. “Where the Streets Have No Name” U2, 1987

The energy of the song is infectious. Also, it is the song that defined The Edge sound for me.


4. “Fix You” Coldplay, 2005

It’s just a beautiful song. Great vocals, lyrics, production. How can you not like it?


5. ‘Prince of Darkness’ Indigo Girls, 1989

This band was a random discovery for me when they were nominated for Debut Artist at the Grammys. Although the song clip they showed was “Closer to Fine”, this song has emerged as my favorite on the album.


6. “Lose Yourself” Eminem, 2002

Powerful, inspiring and a super groove. Love the way he cries out ‘Success is my only motherf***ing option, failure’s not..!’


7. “Chasing Cars” Snow Patrol, 2006

Beautiful feel-good love song.

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8. “Afterglow” INXS, 2005

I guess we all wondered what the new INXS would be like. This song answered all those questions.


9. Ten Pearl Jam, 1991

One of the best debut albums I have ever heard. Plus the discovery of the iconic Eddie Vedder. Watched him play in Vienna a short while ago; brought tears to my eyes.


10. “Let Forever Be” Chemical Brothers, 1999

It has a great sing-along quality to it and feels like electronica-meets the Beatles. Infectious groove and Michel Gondry hit the ball out of the park with the video.

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