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The Raghu Dixit Project

By Vasu Dixit of Swarathma

rsiwebadmin Mar 10, 2010
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Photograph by Anup J Kat

Of course, the Raghu Dixit Project is known for Raghu’s voice, his music, but the sound that is created by this entire band is very unique. The elements that he uses ”“ be it Indian or world music elements ”“ there have been so many band that have used these elements. But it’s the way he uses it and the way he places the instruments and creates the dynamics, that makes RDP unique. And RDP is a great platform for musicians to express whatever they want to through heir instruments. In that sense, he’s built that playground where people come and play.

Coming from a small town, without any godfather and all that, his success is a great example of how just sheer talent and hard work can take you places. And within such a short time, he’s built a great following and tribe of his own. That’s a great inspiration for many musicians. And his whole style, the folk style, is itself very endearable. The reason people feel close to his music is because of that folk element of it.

Raghu by himself is very true to what he’s best at, in the sense that he doesn’t try to do too many things on his own. He knows his strengths and he’ll stick to that. So whoever the other musician is that comes in, he lets them do their magic, and experiment on their own.

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For me, personally, he was an inspiration because I saw him everyday. And every other day, he would make a song just out of nowhere. So for me he was an inspiration that there’s a song in all of us. That’s what I keep saying everywhere I go. There is a song in all of us. We express it in a musical way, some people express it in computer science, some express it as architecture ”“ it’s all about how you express it. And he’s the one who taught me that.

By Vasu Dixit of Swarathma

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