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The Raveonettes

Raven in the Grave

Stacey Anderson May 31, 2011
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On their fifth disc, this Danish duo prolong their frigid endless summer, turning out songs full of surf-pop harmonies and film-noir ambience. One or both members are clearly smarting from broken hearts ”“ they’ve softened their usual lyrics of crime and violence into lovelorn laments like ”˜Let Me on Out.’ But it’s a little hard to care about their pain, since their sound seems more routine than ever. ”˜Recharge & Revolt’ milks the same brand of tinny treble guitars that were getting tired a record ago, and the distortion-laced ”˜Evil Seeds’ freeze-dries the Jesus and Mary Chain, making an already detached band seem even chillier. Wear a parka to this beach party.

Key Tracks: ”˜Let Me on Out,’ ”˜Apparitions’

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