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The Steve Miller Band

[Three stars]

Rolling Stone IN Sep 10, 2010

On his first studio album in 17 years, Steve Miller returns to his blues roots but gives BINGO! the slick party-pop vibe of classic Miller albums like The Joker and Fly Like an Eagle. With singer Sonny Charles of the Checkmates, Miller and the band beef up bar-blues warhorses like ”˜Rock Me Baby.’ He puts his own mellow voice to spacier, early-Fleetwood-Mac-like takes on songs such as Otis Rush’s ”˜All Your Love (I Miss Loving)’ and veers into schmaltziness on the R&B duet ”˜Sweet Soul Vibe.’ Miller doesn’t say anything here that he hasn’t said before, but hardcore fans will be glad he’s saying anything at all.

Key Tracks: ”˜All Your Love (I Miss Loving),’ ”˜Who’s Been Talking’

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