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The Supersonics

By Jayashree Singh of Skinny Alley, Pinknoise

rsiwebadmin Mar 10, 2010
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Photograph by Nathan Grossman

The first time I heard the music that these four fine fellows make was on a demo CD which they brought over for us to listen. It was raw, it was rough, but it was immediately apparent that there was something serious going down. And since then, I have watched them grow and evolve into a band that knows its game and plays it with passion and panache. Maby Baking, their debut album has garnered rave reviews from all quarters, their live gigs are being talked about on music forums and in magazines, and I am absolutely enjoying all the hoopla that seems to surround these gentlemen at this point in time. I wish them the very best in their lives in music and wait eagerly to see what surprises they have in store for us.

By Jayashree Singh of [[Skinny Alley]], Pinknoise

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