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The Third Edition Of Trendslaughter Fest Returns To Bengaluru

Singapore black metal band Blood Division will headline the metal festival

Anurag Tagat Jan 10, 2013
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Bengaluru doom/death metal band Dying Embrace co-headline Trendslaughter Fest

Extreme metal always needs a strong underground circuit and while that’s a tall order in a gig-parched city like Bengaluru, the third Trendslaughter Fest hopes to kick things off. The six-hour metal fest takes place on February 10th with a heavy duty lineup including Singapore’s “blackened D-Beat attack” black metal band Blood Division headlining the fest.

Trendslaughter has gained a following because of its lineup that has managed to impress with at least one international underground metal act every year. Metal band Orator from Bangladesh headlined the first edition in 2011 and last year, Japanese underground black/thrash band Abigail and Canadian traditional doom band Cauchemar headlined Trendslaughter Fest. “For this time, we decided to shake things a bit and invite two bands, Solar Deity from Mumbai and Necrodeity from Kolkata, from other parts of the country to keep things interesting,” says head organizer Sandesh Shenoy.

Bengaluru bands playing at the event include a co-headlining set by veteran doom/death metal band Dying Embrace, sludge band Shepherd and black/thrash metallers Witchgoat. Dying Embrace played both editions of the fest in the past and considers it a favorite platform for underground, extreme metal. Dying Embrace will perform tracks from their album Era of Tribulation released on French music label Armee De La Mort Records and some new material, “It will be a scorching one-hour set,” says the band’s vocalist Vikram Bhat.

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Guitarist Mike Priest aka M. of Blood Division says that the band promises to raise “absolute hell” during their set that will include tracks from their latest EP Necrordnance and a few Slayer covers as well. “We are looking forward to immerse ourselves in the Indian culture as well as be around like-minded individuals drinking copious amount of alcohol, smoking bhang and feasting like beasts,” adds Priest.


Trendslaughter Fest 2013 lineup


Blood Division

Dying Embrace

Solar Deity





Trendslaughter Fest takes place on February 10th at No Limmits, Bengaluru from 4pm onwards. Entry Rs 500 (early bird) and Rs 700 at the door. More details here.

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