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The Uncertainty Principle Launches New Single, “The Orb”

The Delhi prog rock band plays at Hard Rock Café Delhi today

Anurag Tagat Oct 03, 2013
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The Uncertainty Principle

The Uncertainty Principle

It’s been over six months since Delhi prog rock band The Uncertainty Principle [TUP]’s lead vocalist Raghav Meattle quit the band citing “personal differences.”  In April this year, Shashank Chandak joined the band and changed most of their music around. Says guitarist Abhishek Rajan, “Raghav was a great vocalist, but Shashank has brought more variety. He [Chandak] can scream and growl so he changed the melodies and the lyrics [of our songs].”

The first listen to The Uncertainty Principle’s new single, “The Orb” [first played live at Ray Ban’s 75th Anniversary Celebrations last year] indicates the band’s still staying true to their objective of making catchy progressive rock. Says Rajan, “It’s one of our best songs, in terms of vocals. It just gives an immediate insight into what we’re about.” In June, Chandak and the band’s manager, Aastha Bhardwaj reworked the song and Chandak even wrote fresh lyrics for it. “The Orb” is about “moving inward, the reflection of the subconscious,” according to Bhardwaj.

While most of the band’s material for their upcoming, yet-to-be-titled nine-track album was tracked at Quarter Notes Studios at Delhi, they’re over at Studio Fuzz [run by Parikrama drummer Srijan Mahajan, The Circus guitarist Arsh Sharma and Cyanide guitarist Nikhil Malik] for vocals and mixing. Says Rajan, “We’ve finished most of the recording. It should be out in the next couple of months.”

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Tonight, The Uncertainty Principle launch “The Orb” as a single at Hard Rock Café in Delhi as they perform alongside Delhi alt metallers, Plok. TUP will perform all tracks from their upcoming album and will debut a heavier instrumental number called “Scourge” at the gig. The band will also give away physical copies of “The Orb.”

The Uncertainty Principle and Plok perform at Hard Rock Café, Delhi on October 3rd, 2013, from 8 pm onwards. Entry: Free. Event details here.

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