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The Virgil Donati Band featuring Allan Holdsworth To Play Mumbai in November

Good news for Mumbai jazz fans.

Shawn Fernandes Oct 25, 2011
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Mumbai jazz fans rejoice! The legendary Allan Holdsworth is finally coming to Bombay as part of the Virgil Donati Band’s performance on the 3rd of November. The concert, promoted by acclaimed film composer and jazz supporter Sandeep Chowta, will happen at St. Andrew’s Auditorium, Bandra and is part of Chowta’s long-term project called The Producers Concert And Album Series.

Allan Holdsworth is widely regarded by fans and contemporary musicians as one of the 20th century’s most prominent guitarists. An inductee of Guitar Player Magazine’s Hall of Fame, Holdsworth is a five-time winner in their readers’ poll. The band is led by drummer Virgil Donati and also includes bassist Anthony Crawford and pianist Austin Peralta.

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