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The Weeknd Unveils New ‘Starboy’ Tracks in ‘Mania’ Short Film

Singer’s trip to the club interrupted by bloody killing in Grant Singer-directed clip

Elias Leight Nov 25, 2016

To stoke anticipation for his new album Starboy, due out November 25th, the Weeknd released a lengthy visual on Wednesday titled “Mania.” The clip, directed by regular collaborator Grant Singer, stretches close to 12 minutes, incorporating elements from the singer’s previous visuals ”“ the sleek car from the “Starboy” video, the brutal violence of the “False Alarm” clip ”“ along with some new music and an extended, dimly-lit club sequence.

The first half of the action is family-friendly. “Mania” opens with a solitary black panther drooling on a chalk-white pedestal; soon the Weeknd is driving his expensive vehicle while boasting about his talents: “Too many people think they made me/ Well if they really made me then replace me.” The track accompanying his joyride mixes bluesy soul and a punchy beat. He eventually arrives at his destination and struts into a room full of dancers as the soundtrack moves towards a disco groove.

The savage aspects of the first two Starboy videos soon returns, as a scene of dance floor romance is broken up by an attempted murder. The Weeknd is suddenly covered in blood, and the fierce low-end of “Party Monster,” which surfaced last week, booms through the speakers. The visual come to a close back at the same pedestal from the opening scenes: this time the singer and a lady he danced with in the club are standing, triumphant but blood-spattered, as “I Feel It Coming” plays in the background.

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Starboy‘s title track is currently No. 3 on the Hot 100. The album hits shelves on Friday.


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