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Them Clones Get Back On Stage

Post the tragic demise of former bassist Clarence Gonsalves, Delhi alt rockers will perform at a self-curated mini festival called Clonefest Soundcheck Series

Sharin Bhatti May 30, 2012
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Them Clones with Nikhil Rufus Raj (second from left) performing at India Music Week

Delhi alt rockers Them Clones return to active gigging almost a month after they lost their bandmate and friend Clarence Gonsalves to cancer. The band is putting together a stellar lineup of Delhiacts to join them on a three month-long mini festival called Clonefest Soundcheck Series. Bands that will be part of this series include Menwhopause, Indigo Children and Undying Inc besides others. “The last two months have been very difficult after Clarence passed away. But slowly, we are returning back to jam rooms and trying to make music together. Clonefest is an endeavor to do something new,” says Surojit Dev, Them Clones’ drummer.

Currently, Gaurav Balani from Parikrama and Nikhil Rufus Raj from Indigo Children are sharing bass duties for Them Clones. The band recently played a set the Escape Festival Naukuchiatal with Raj on bass. “We still haven’t decided on brining in a permanent band member. It is difficult to get a new person on board. Honestly, we aren’t even looking out right now. That’s where Clonefest will help,” says Dev, who is hoping to “build momentum and get our feet back on the ground.”

Besides being an All-Star event of sorts, The Clonefest series will also serve as a platform for younger bands. “We were clear on getting all the big bands on the same stage, so that there is no opening act or headlining act. In fact, we will be adding one young band to the lineup for each gig and give them a stage to play,” adds Dev. Delhi alt rock band Plok will be the first to perform at Clonefest on June 1st is. Plok will play a 45-minute set.

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Them Clones had organized a similar series of Clonefest gigs last year to promote their songs “Jealousy” and “All About a Heartbreak,” with Parikrama, Thermal And A Quarter and Indigo Children. 

Catch the first Clonefest Soundcheck Series on June 1st, The Guvment, Gurgaon. 


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