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There’s a Multi-Genre Festival Kicking Off in Patna This Week

Patliputra Open Air has enlisted the likes of Mumbai brutal death metal unit Gutslit, DJ-producer Solrak and more for a day-long treat

Rolling Stone India Feb 13, 2019

Gutslit - (from left) Gurdip Singh Narang, Kaushal L.S., Aaron Pinto and Prateek Rajagopal. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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You’ve heard of Bangalore Open Air, but now there’s something that sounds even more epic ”“ Patliputra Open Air. Held in Patna, Bihar on February 17th, the organizers are bringing a multi-genre experience that perhaps wants to evoke a sense of grandness by using the city’s ancient name.

Put together by Patna-based music agency Soundmine Records as a “cultural reformation movement,” the day-long inaugural edition includes three showcase categories as the day progresses. There’s Symphony Live which features Sufi rock band Tijoree and Patna-based multi-genre band Civil Rage, followed by Devour ”“ Metal Fest. That segment brings together seven bands, including Mumbai brutal death metal band Gutslit, Nagpur metallers Infestation, Mumbai heavy metallers Bloodkill, Lucknow’s classic rock/blues band The Mellow Mime Project and more. The night closes with a set from Bengaluru DJ/producer Sol Rak aka Alok Mishra.

Co-founder and organizer Shivam Narayan ”“ who will also play drums for Patna modern rock band The Distorted at the festival ”“ says the aim was to recreate the national level of music events in his hometown of Patna. Narayan informs us that there are several hundred independent musicians trying to break into the music industry from the city. “Patna has a very selective music taste and a majority of listeners here prefer folk, Bhojpuri and Bollywood music. However, common people of Patna are familiar and used to EDM and rock due to its huge influence in Bollywood and commercial music,” he adds.

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That said, Patliputra Open Air is set to take place in an open ground with an area of 30,000 square feet, aiming to be as big on scale as possible for their first edition. Tickets are priced at Rs 349 and Rs 599 (for two). Narayan adds, “We aim to establish Patiliputra Open Air as an annual dedicated music festival that brings the voice of the world to Patna and the voice of Patna to the world.”

Patliputra Open Air takes place at Haveli, Gate No. 31, Rajapul, Manipura. Buy tickets here and follow the Facebook page for more updates.

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