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Thermal And A Quarter Primed For Tour That Kicks Off In Mumbai

The Bangalore band will play songs from yet-to-be-released album during their Three Wheels Nine Lives tour, but will also include old hits by public demand

Rolling Stone India Jul 11, 2012
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Thermal and a Quarter

When the three-member Bangalore band Thermal and A Quarter settle down for a chat ahead of their show in Mumbai, they are most chuffed that their first US tour was such a hit. The band toured New York,Dallas and Seattle in March and tell us that were received by an enthusiastic audience at each gig. “One of our most memorable gigs was at NYU where we did a class of sorts and ended up feeling like professors,” says Mani, “It was with a class of 60 students who were studying music education. Everybody wanted to know how we came up with these songs that were unique in their own way but were influenced by the music of the West.”

What came as a refreshing change was that no member of the audience in the US turned away disappointed that TAAQ didn’t sound “Indian” enough. TAAQ has even included a mridangam in its repertoire in their early years, but Mani says that the band is finally a cohesive unit with just three musicians. “It’s not even about being tight or mature or any of that. I think we all instinctively know each others’ groove,” says Mani. “That’s what chemistry is about,” says Rajagopal, completing Mani’s flow of thought.

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Jazz, funk and blues are all a part of this chemistry that will play itself out on stage tonight when the band begins their Three Wheels Nine Lives Tour in Mumbai. “We really want to play mostly new songs tonight, but when a fan on Facebook says, ”˜Please please, play ”˜Grab Me’ then how can you turn down a request like that?” asks Mani, somehow managing to look completely defeated and pleased at the same time.

 TAAQ will perform at Blue Frog, Mumbai tonight, 10 pm. Entry: Rs 300 (6.30 pm onwards)

At Blue Frog, Delhi, July 12th, 10.30 pm onwards. Entry: Rs 300

At Hard Rock Café, Hyderabad, July 26th, 8.30 pm. Entry: Rs 250 

Watch what TAAQ had to say about their gig tonight here


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