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The Third Edition Of EDM Series Krank To Be Held This Month

Danish producer Djuma Soundsystem returns to India for the three-day series, which includes performances by Delhi’s Midival Punditz, Arjun Vagale and more

Rolling Stone India Dec 20, 2013
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Julian Jeweil

French techno DJ and producer Julian Jeweil makes his India debut at Heineken Krank this month

EDM fans in North Goa will be spoilt for choice this season. Besides Sunburn Goa and the brand new, VH1 Supersonic festival, Heineken Krank, a three-day boutique party series, as the organizers describe it, is all set to kick off its third edition. “It was probably one of the best parties of the year. I played at the after party, in a small, dark, dirty, sweaty room and it was off the hook. The place was rammed with some beautiful people totally into the music. What a way to end the year!” says Delhi-based techno DJ Arjun Vagale of the second edition of Krank.

The lineup at Krank focuses on homegrown talent with an addition of a few international artists. The three-day festival will see performances by international artists like French techno DJ and producer Julian Jeweil and Danish tech house DJ, Mumbai-based French techno DJ M.Mat and producer Djuma Sounsystem, who also performed at the previous edition of the festival.  The Indian artists in the lineup include Delhi-based electro fusion group Midival Punditz, techno DJ Arjun Vagale, Pune-based progressive trance DJ Ma Faiza, Delhi-based minimal tech house DJ Ash Roy and Delhi-based psy trance DJ Calm Chor.

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The festival also hosted pre-parties in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Delhi with performances by Arjun Vagale, Kohra, Tapan Raj of the Midival Punditz and Tuhin Mehta.

Check out the full lineup below:

Julian Jeweil LIVE (Cocoon / Minus)
Midival Punditz
Djuma Soundsystem
Arjun Vagale
Ma Faiza
Calm Chor
Ash Roy
Praveen Achary
Manu Ferrantini
Ayesha Pramanik
Shaun Moses
Leon Pereira

The third edition of Heineken Krank will be held between December 28th and 30th at Teso Waterfront in Siolim beach. Passes available here 

Contest: Which French techno DJ and producer will make his India debut at Krank Goa this year?

Send us your answers to [email protected] with “Heineken Krank” as the subject.
The winners must travel to the venue of the festival at their own expense. The three-day pass only entitles the winners entry to the concert and not food or beverages or any other expenses incurred.


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