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Watch Thom Yorke, Mark Pritchard’s Captivating ‘Beautiful People’ Video

Traveler crosses epic landscape in clip injected with surreal touches

Jon Blistein Sep 02, 2016
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An unidentified man traverses a stunning but desolate landscape in the new video for Mark Pritchard’s song with Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke, “Beautiful People.”

Documentarian Michal Marczak directed the clip, which premiered at the Sundance Next Fest earlier this month. Shot in the Izera mountains of Poland, the scenery is stunning and dreamlike on its own, but Marczak adds his own surreal touches to match Pritchard and Yorke’s hypnotizing track. At one point, boulders and rocks rise into the sky, while the clip ends with the traveler ”” whose face is actually a screen projecting trails of light and Yorke’s own face ”” encountering an unidentified glowing object.

“The idea was to illustrate the songs underlying emotions by way of a mysterious character’s slow, non-linear, cinematic journey through an out-of-this-world landscape, chiming with the album artwork,” Marczak said. “The eerie atmosphere developed by gradually and only partially revealing certain elements, leaving it to the viewer to put the final pieces together.”

“Beautiful People” appears on Pritchard’s new album, Under the Sun.

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