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Three Emerging Mumbai Metallers Hit the Road This Week

Death metallers Killchain, Darkrypt and thrash act Carnage Inc. are playing four cities in a week as part of the second edition of the Durance of Hate tour

Rolling Stone India Nov 02, 2017

Mumbai death metal band Killchain perform as part of the Durance of Hate tour in four cities. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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If you had your pulse on Mumbai’s metal circuit recently, it’s fair to say that some of the strongest music coming out right now is predominantly death metal and thrash metal.

Among the new and noteworthy are death metallers Killchain (who released their debut EP Psychosis last year), Darkrypt (who released a dark death metal debut album Delirious Excursion last year) and thrash metallers Carnage Inc. (who released the crossover-influenced EP Fury Incarnate, also in 2016). Bengaluru-based promoter and writer Harsha Vardhan (of event and artist management firm Proximity Productions) saw potential enough that he enlisted all three Mumbai bands to be a part of the second iteration of the Durance of Hate tour.

Vardhan says, “All these bands have put out great albums, in the past year and are now looking at having their horizons expanded with this tour by playing in various cities that they have not set foot on.” The bands will perform in Hyderabad, Kochi and Bengaluru, followed by a homecoming gig in Mumbai between November 3rd and 12th.

More than nervousness, there’s excitement among all three acts. Carnage Inc.’s guitarist Varun Panchal says, “The setlist is going to be a ripper. We’ve got two new songs from the next record and a cover straight from the abyss.” Darkrypt guitarist Rishabh Ravi agrees that any band with a new relese “needed to play this debut tour,” and Killchain’s guitarist Aditya Mohanan adds that for his band, it’s more about “not repeating ourselves” with the setlist they’ve played over several times in Mumbai.

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As for playing three consecutive shows for bands who are lucky if they get a show every other month, Mohanan jokes that he’s going to need “a lot of intoxicants” to stay alive. “It’s going to be a little exhausting but you have to go with the flow.”

Durance of Hate Tour II ”“ Killchain, Darkrypt, Carnage Inc.

November 3rd ”“ Fubar Live, Hyderabad w/Primal Abuse, Triceratops, R.A.I.D.

November 4th ”“ YWCA Fort, Kochi w/Amorphia, Futile Dogma

November 5th ”“ Blue Frog, Bengaluru w/Regicide, Nihilus

November 12th ”“ Renaissance Federation Club, Mumbai w/Primitiv, Dirge, Eternal Returns, Wrath

Event details here.

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