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Threinody To Release Debut Album After 20 Years

The Bengaluru thrash metal band on why it took them so long to release ‘The Toxic Age’

Anurag Tagat May 05, 2016
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(From left) Premik Jolly and Siddharth Naidu of Threinody.  Photo by Sairaj Kamath

(From left) Premik Jolly and Siddharth Naidu of Threinody. Photo by Sairaj Kamath

When you’re a thrash metal band, slowing down is not an option. One of Bengaluru’s earliest thrash metal bands Threinody knows this better than anyone else. While they’ve had everything from lineup changes to dealing with the death of their founding member and drummer since 1996, Satish Raj, they regrouped in 2012 after a five-year break, determined to release their long-overdue full-length album, The Toxic Age, set to release this month. Says guitarist Premik Jolly, “We’re mixing the album and trying to make as much time for it as possible, because I’m mixing it and mastering it. All these guys are also here to help me. They’re here to tell me if it sounds like shit or not.”

The 13-track album features Jolly, bassist-vocalist Siddharth Naidu [both founding members] and siblings Shreyas and Siddhart Kamath on drums and guitars respectively. While Shreyas, formerly of brutal death metal band Abandoned Agony, joined in 2013, Siddhart went from being the band’s sound engineer to being their second guitarist in 2014. Although Shreyas says he needed an introduction to old school thrash metal, the band’s sound does have a faster, death metal edge at times. Naidu adds, “You don’t hear blast beats in thrash metal, but we have that on ”˜Surrender to the Blade’ and ”˜In Extremis’.”

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For all the struggle it’s taken to bring The Toxic Age out, Threinody belie their decades of experience. They interrupt each other for jokes all the time. When Shreyas says he “had to go through a lot of old thrash” to get up to speed with the band, Jolly adds, “Pun intended,” taking a self-deprecating shot at old school die-hards such as Naidu and himself. The guitarist says their debut release, the three-track Trimetallicthreinonide released “a couple of years ago”. He corrects himself, “Sorry, that was ten years ago.”

Despite the decade-long gap between releases, The Toxic Age is, if anything, validation for Threinody to continue their thrash metal assault. Jolly says about releasing the album, “When we formed, bands would hardly take on albums. Great bands would come on stage, just rock it but never have something to show. This album, for me, is about documenting whatever we’ve done and starting afresh with new material.”

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