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Tiger Shroff Under Fire for Copying EXO’s Kai

Fans state that the Bollywood actor’s latest release “Poori Gal Baat” is strikingly similar to K-pop star Kai’s “Peaches”

Riddhi Chakraborty Mar 02, 2022

Kai performing "Mmmh" [left] and Tiger Shroff's "Poori Gal Baat"

Earlier this week Bollywood actor and singer Tiger Shroff dropped his brand new single “Poori Gal Baat,” but racked up views for all the wrong reasons. Fans couldn’t help but notice similarities between the track and K-pop mega star and EXO member Kai’s 2021 release, “Peaches”–and their claims seem to hold some truth.

Produced by the likes of prominent South Korean artists Ryan S. Jhun, Yoo Young Jin and more, “Peaches” has a distinct, dreamy synth-trap chorus which “Poori Gal Baat” has ripped off with minimal changes. Shroff’s vocal performance follows the same cadence as Kai’s, right down to the arrangement at the track’s bridge–the high vocal notes fading into soft trap is another similarity the two songs share. The lyrics also convey the same thematic elements–while the lyrics of “Peaches” compare a girl to a fruit, the lyrics for “Poori Gal Baat” compare her to a flower.

In addition to similarities with “Peaches,” Shroff’s video for “Poori Gal Baat” features styling and dance moves almost identical to Kai’s music video for his 2020 solo debut single “Mmmh” and his performance of both tracks on South Korean platform Studio Choom. There’s a strong resemblance to the K-pop star’s leaps, background dancer choreography and positioning, plus scenes of him dancing in water.

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Shroff has often stated that Kai is one of his favorite artists and previously posted a dance cover of “Peaches” on his Instagram account. While fans appreciate his love for Kai, many are demanding the Bollywood star and his label Zee Music Company give credit where credit is due–to Kai as well as the producers and choreographers behind “Peaches” and “Mmmh.” Some observations and comments include:


As of this article, none of the parties involved– Shroff, Zee Music Company, Kai and his label SM Entertainment– have commented on the situation.

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This isn’t the first time Indian artists have been called out for copying Korean stars. In 2018, rapper Raftaar came under fire for the resemblances between his music video of “MANTOIYAT” and BTS leader and rapper RM’s 2015 release “Do You.” Fans also found “Laaj Sharam” from the 2018 Bollywood film Veere Di Wedding similar to K-pop group GOT7’s 2014 track “Girls Girls Girls”–and these are just a few examples that exist.


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