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Tom Petty Auctioning Off ‘Favorite’ Convertible on eBay

Proceeds from Jaguar XJS benefit Doctors Without Borders

Rolling Stone Oct 11, 2012
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Photo: Sabine Halfhill

Starting on October 11th, Tom Petty fans have 10 days to bid on his sleek, champagne-colored 1996 Jaguar XJS Convertible on eBay, where the rocker is auctioning it off for charity. 

“I have so many great memories associated with this car,” says Petty. “When I began dating Dana (my wife), I asked her what her favorite car was. So, I phoned the office and said I wanted a champagne convertible Jaguar XJS. The next day, they delivered it to my house and showed me how everything worked and I took it for a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. I was in heaven, as was Dana. This car has such an incredible design. My favorite car I ever owned. We sure are going to miss it.”

Jaguar stopped making the XJS in 1996. All proceeds from the auction will benefit Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières, the medical humanitarian organization that provides independent health care and assistance in over 60 countries.

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