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Top 10 Indian Moto-Vloggers to Follow

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or aspiring vlogger, here are some names we think you should get familiar with before you hit the road

David Britto Aug 14, 2017

Mumbai-based moto-vlogger Oggy F. Photo: Ralph Vaz

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1. Oggy F

Mumbai’s Ogden Fernandes a.k.a Oggy F is known for following traffic rules and promoting road safety on his YouTube channel. “I realized there are not a lot of people that ride sensibly, and these videos are starting to make a difference to the younger generation who are just starting to ride motorcycles,” Fernandes told us earlier this year. He also has a second channel called Motovlog For A Cause, which focuses on giving back to individuals and communities around the country.

2. Dino’s Vault

Dinesh Kumar’s YouTube channel Dino’s Vault is all about being entertained and learning new things. Hyderabad-based Kumar is a massive motorcycle enthusiast and a true petrol head””he’s been fascinated with motorcycles ever since his childhood. His channel focuses on riding reviews of new motorcycles, as well as product reviews.

3. Zohair Ahmed

Hyderabad’s Zohair Ahmed was one of the very first people in India to ride the Kawasaki ER6N. On his channel, Ahmed vlogs rides around his city, motorcycle walk-arounds, reviews and popping the occasional wheelie. Ahmed’s 75,000 subscribers use his channel to discover what it feels like to ride the streets of Hyderabad.

4. Vikas Rachamalla

Another moto-vlogger from Hyderabad, Vikas Rachamalla has a long list of bikes, including the Yamaha YZF-R1, Suzuki GSX 1100F and a KTM Duke 390. In his videos, Rachamalla is often seen on motor racing circuts with his motorcycles. He usually vlogs about riding superbikes, does safety videos, DIY segments and informative clips.

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5. Bigbang Biker

Raghavendra Bhandarkar, better known as Bigbang Biker, films himself riding in and exploring new places in his home city of Bengaluru. He likes to keep things light and funny, in particular with his video series called Bangalore Reactions, where he documents rash riders and people breaking traffic rules.

6. Ride With Rahul

Kolkata-based Rahul Mazumder a.k.a. Ride With Rahul is known for his honest motorcycle, riding gear and camera reviews, in addition to his vlogs and rides. According to Mazumder, his top three videos on his channel till date are the Suzuki Hayabusa review, India Speed Week music video and his Kolkata to Bakkhali vlog.

7. MSK Vlogs

Mumbai’s Mohammed Salim Khan is second to none when it comes to editing videos. When he’s not fine-tuning his  superb editing skills, Khan enjoys travelling around the country and riding his motorcycle with his friends as seen in his videos. He uploads content about his day-to-day life, and also has a second channel called MSK TV that focuses on sketch-comedy and short films.

8. GoPro Man

Arun Kumar Kulal from Bengaluru has a way of drawing an audience towards him through his videos using his simple technique and minimal sound effects. His video for his ride to Rajasthan, where he covered 4800 kilometers, was selected as the winner for the India Bike Week 2016 Film Festival.

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9. BuFFMotO

Mumbai-based Vinayak Bhanoo gets the award for cleverest name for his YouTube channel, BuFFMotO, which documents his weight-lifting lifestyle. Bhanoo posts videos of his daily observations, motorcycle reviews and clips of him working out at the gym. The moto-vlogger also recently purchased his first superbike, the Benelli TNT 899.

10. Mumbiker Nikhil

Mumbai’s Nikhil Sharma is known for his long distance touring videos and product reviews. Sharma currently has a little more than a staggering 479,000 subscribers on his channel. The moto-vlogger famously completed a ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari last year, and was also a part of YouTube FanFest 2017 held in Mumbai earlier this year.

(Moto-vloggers are listed in no particular order)

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