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Trailers of the Week: ‘Hundred,’ ‘A Secret Love,’ ‘Into the Night’ and More

From planes escaping sunrise to lovers stepping into the light–your week in movie trailers

Jessica Xalxo Apr 25, 2020

Lara Dutta in a still from the 'Hundred' trailer.

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1. Hundred 

What happens when a Mumbai cop and a terminal patient team up to catch baddies? Well, that’s what Hundred’s trailer explores. The clip follows Netra Patil (Rinku Rajguru), a simple Maharashtrian woman who—upon learning that she has 100 days left to live–finds her end of days purpose when she runs into ACP Saumya Shukla (Lara Dutta). Patil is now an undercover agent busting corrupt government officials alongside Shukla and the women find themselves donning the capes that had only been reserved for heroes so far in the Disney+ Hotstar VIP series. (Now streaming)

2. Mrs. Serial Killer

It sucks to have a partner arrested for a crime they didn’t commit–but does it give you the license to kill? In Netflix’s upcoming crime-thriller Mrs. Serial Killer, a wife (Jacqueline Fernandez) commits copy-cat crimes to alert the police to a serial killer’s activity after her allegedly innocent husband (Manoj Bajpayee) is arrested for the murderer’s crimes. The clip opens with the wife approaching a victim with crazed-eyes and a scalpel, quickly flitting between planned murders and the police tracking the elaborate sites of crime, prodding viewers to think–how far will she go? (May 1st)

3. Into the Night

A gunman barges into a flight cabin by the skin of his teeth and commands the pilot to fly west or else “the sunrise will kill us (them) all,” he says. The trailer for Netflix’s apocalyptic sci-fi thriller series Into the Night follows the journey of the passengers and crew of an overnight flight out of Brussels as they try to escape sunrise. People all around the world inexplicably drop dead under the sun, seemingly instantly. As tensions rise on-board, everyone soon learns that making it in total darkness will not just be a matter of survival, but a test of their collective humanity too. (May 1st)

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4. A Secret Love

When Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel fell in love, the world was different. The year was 1947 and living openly as queer wasn’t anywhere close to the norm. The trailer for Netflix documentary A Secret Love opens with the two women looking for an apartment and explores the couple’s decision to come out to their family members and friends late in life. A montage of old photos and videos play between recent footage, charting Donahue and Henschel’s love story that spans 65 and a half years (and counting) as they broke rules and conventions of their time to stay together and in love. (April 29)

5. The Holiday

In the trailer for the MX Player series The Holiday, Mehak (Adah Sharma) sets off on her spontaneous and unplanned bachelorette trip with her guy gang. What ensues is a series of clips that indulge in nostalgia and wanderlust while the group engages in shenanigans and existential questions. What lies ahead is not just a question for the road ahead but life itself for this band of friends. (Now streaming)

6. Happiness Continues

The trailer for concert film Happiness Continues (available on Amazon Prime Video) offers a behind the scenes look at the Jonas Brothers’ 2019 concert tour. The clip opens with the trio performing to a sold-out stadium, disbelieving of the number of fans who turned out. “It’s really great to know that these songs have been someone’s soundtrack to a lot of their favorite memories in their life,” says Joe Jans at one point. Footage of the band’s loved ones and fans swooning to their music plays and the trailer gives a glimpse into how Nick, Joe and Kevin navigate tour life as they balance music and their ties to the ones they love. (Now streaming)

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