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Trendslaughter Fest Returns with Czech Republic’s Cult Of Fire This Week

The sixth edition includes an Asia exclusive show by the Hinduism-influenced black metal band, Singaporean black metal band Draconis Infernum, power electronics artist Hemant Sreekumar and more

Anurag Tagat Mar 01, 2018

Czech black metal band Cult Of Fire in a promotional photo for their 2012 album 'Triumvirat'. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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In October 2015, Bengaluru-based gig promoter and record label Cyclopean Eye’s Sandesh Shenoy was insistent that the fifth edition of underground metal series Trendslaughter Fest would be the last. “It was one of the biggest lineups we had since the last four editions and we really were not sure that we could top that show,” he says.

But then they received interest from one of the most formidable, must-see names in underground metal ”“ Czech Republic black metallers Cult of Fire, known for their elaborate stage production and ethereal performances. Shenoy recalls meeting the band’s drummer Tomáš Corn a few times over the last five years on his travels to Europe. The band, who take heavily from Hindu culture, the vedas and released albums such as 2013’s मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान (Ascetic Meditation of Death), put Shenoy through to Czech metal festival Brutal Assault’s showrunner and owner Tomas Fiala.

For Shenoy, it was a matter of making Trendslaughter ”“ which has brought down acts such as Finnish death metallers Demilich ”“ stand on par with underground gigs in Europe. He says with a laugh, “Fortunately, or unfortunately metal music to us is exactly what heroin is to a junkie. There’s always a need to get a fix and once you get used to it, you need to up the doses to get a good high off it!”

Singaporean black metal band Draconis Infernum. Photo: Courtesy of Cyclopean Eye Productions

Cult of Fire joins the likes of Singapore black metal band Draconis Infernum, Bengaluru’s doom/death veterans Dying Embrace, local death metal band Aempyrean, Chennai act Moral Putrefaction and harsh noise/power electronics artist Hemant Sreekumar. An interesting addition to Trendslaughter’s metal lineup, Shenoy says he’s always wanted to introduce metal audiences to more extreme music. A veteran of three decades, Sreekumar will bring a different edge to the day-long show.

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Trendslaughter also includes the India debut for Draconis Infernum, although the band’s guitarist Chris Yong aka Xepher notes that their frontman Hans Yamin aka S.H. has performed here twice over, with metal/punk band Blood Division and black metal band Hellucinate. Xepher says, “I can’t say that I am familiar with the Indian metal scene, but of course I have heard of many Indian bands over the years. I personally am looking forward to seeing Hemant Sreekumar at the show.”

Trendslaughter Fest VI takes place at No Limmits, Bengaluru on March 3rd, 2018. Entry: Rs 1,200 (for first 200 entries), Rs 1,500 (after 200 entries). Tickets available for cash purchase at the door. Event details here.

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