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Trendslaughter Fest V Brings Underground Metal to Bengaluru

Finnish death metal band Demilich and Japanese death/doom act Anatomia will headline the fifth edition of the gig series to be held this week

Anurag Tagat Oct 06, 2015
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Finnish death metal act Demilich. Photo: courtesy of Trendslaughter Fest

Finnish death metal act Demilich. Photo: courtesy of Trendslaughter Fest

Building up an underground metal gig series in India is no small feat, and when you’ve spent five years bringing down international metal bands to play in a Bengaluru club venue, the strain begins to show. Says Sandesh Shenoy, co-organizer of the annual Trendslaughter Fest [TSF], “The fest has grown too big for us to manage. The problem has never been about the financial aspects of the show, because a lot of people have asked us whether they could help with funding. The issue has always been the logistics of managing so many international bands with just a few hands helping out.”

At the fifth edition of TSF, Shenoy and his organizers have dreamt even bigger ”“ the lineup has four international bands from a total of five. Headliners include Finland’s elusive death metallers Demilich, who are playing their first and only show in Asia this year at TSF. Other international acts are Japanese death/doom band Anatomia, Singapore metal band Balberith and Indonesian black metal band Hellucinate. Says Shenoy, “The idea behind starting the festival in the first place was to create an underground metal show of international standards.”

Shenoy also adds that the fest has been receiving a fair amount of attention from fans around the globe. “Since we announced the lineup, there have been plenty of queries from Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, Oman and even as far as Australia and Korea. Already quite a few people have confirmed their attendance, especially from the Middle East.”

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India finds a representation on the lineup too, courtesy of Bengaluru death/doom metallers Dying Embrace. Says frontman Vikram Bhat, “Most of the international bands on the lineup have known Dying Embrace through the underground metal circuit, so it’s going to be a killer vibe backstage meeting friends and onstage as well.” In addition to hanging out with his friends from Balberith, Bhat is also one of the co-organizers at TSF V, so it’s double duty for him. Says Bhat “It’s been really hectic, to be honest. We work with a small crew and everybody has full responsibilities to share and execute to ensure the festival runs smoothly. Band rehearsals and doing show management really drains one out but then it’s always fun working with friends and the best crew possible.”

Trendslaughter Fest V ft Demilich, Anatomia, Balberith, Hellucinate and Dying Embrace takes place at No Limmits, Bengaluru on October 10th, 4 pm onwards. Entry: Rs 1,500. Event details here.

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