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Tune In To Glastonbury Fest via BBC’s Live Streaming

Catch all the action from halfway around the world by streaming live performances from the comfort of your couch

Rolling Stone India Jun 27, 2015
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Hosted in Somerset, England, Glastonbury is the world’s largest greenland music festival-it’s really as simple as that. Glastonbury is to Brit pop/rock loving fest fanatics what Wacken Open Air is to ardent metalheads, what Tomorrowland is to the EDM-loving hipsters. With a footfall of about 175,000 and ticket prices approximating £220, it’s only natural that a few people get left behind.

Which is why the nice people at BBC have decided to stream an extensive amount of live music from the four-day British festival; the only downside being that one is likely to get overwhelmed by all the coverage. Apart from coverage across BBC2, BBC3 and 6Music, they’re streaming music from six of the main stages. Rolling Stone India sifted through the line to give you a heads-up on a few of the most awaited acts that should be at the top of your streaming schedule.


Kanye West, 22:15-23.45, Saturday, Pyramid Stage

With a musical career that has spanned almost two decades and has had no shortage of shock value, Kanye West has bagged the headlining slot at the Pyramid Stage, much to the anxiety of the BBC censorship board. Board executives aren’t the only ones uppity about this decision, though; over 100,000 music lovers have signed an online petition urging the American rap star to pass on his slot to someone more deserving on the grounds of musical injustice. Nonetheless, cuss-loving Kanye will take the stage on Saturday to bust out some of his most popular rhymes.


Deadmau5, 22:30-23:45, Saturday, Other Stage

Canadian electronica giant Deadmau5 has earned his spot alongside house legends like Armin van Buuren and Pendulum. Going beyond clever branding and reinventing childhood icons, however, Deadmau5 has played to sold out venues across Europe, USA and closer to home, Gurgaon and Mumbai. He must be doing something right, because the EDM star will be taking the Glastonbury stage for the fourth time.


The Who, 21:45-23:15, Sunday, Pyramid Stage

The band has created some of the most influential music back in the 60’s, whether it was their rock opera Tommy or “Baba O’ Riley” that was popularized as the soundtrack for CSI: Miami. The Who will return to Glastonbury after their 2007 appearance and promise to “close the festival with a bang.” Said lead singer Roger Daltrey to The Telegraph,”It’s great to be ending this part of a 50-year career at the most prestigious and respected music festival in the world.We’ll do our best to close this year’s event with a bang, unless of course the fireworks get wet!”

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Hozier, 13:00-13:45, Sunday, Pyramid Stage

Irish sensation Andrew Hozier-Byrne, better known as Hozier has had the whole world testing their vocal limits with his 2013 hit single “Take Me to Church” from the eponymous debut EP. Hozier will take the Glastonbury stage for the second time, and will be bumped up to the Pyramid Stage from his 2014 performance at the John Peel stage. In conversation with the Radio Times, Hozier admitted, “It’s going to be daunting, but a big landmark for me – very surreal.”


The Staves, 15:10-16:00, Sunday, The Park Stage

The only thing we love more than acoustic folk rock, is an acoustic folk family trio! Hailing from Watford, The Staves are an acoustic act made up of three sisters, most noted for their debut album If I Was, which released in March 2015. Think Bon Iver meets The Corrs’-The Staves are known to strip things down to the bare essentials with their soulful harmonies and folk mysticism. The siblings are sure to slow things down amidst the bustle of Glastonbury with their six-strings and meandering tunes.


Charli XCX, 17:50-18:35, Sunday, John Peel Stage

Pop sensation Charli XCX has taken a large part of the pre/teen world by storm ever since the single “Boom Clap” topped the charts worldwide, owing to the dangerously infectious beats and its feature in the romcom/drama film The Fault in Our Stars (2014). Labeled by The Guardian as ”˜badass pop for the Instagram generation,’ Charli’s upbeat punk-tinted tracks have quickly become pop anthems for adolescents the world over, elevating her to somewhat of a teen cult figure. While the older crowd at Glastonbury may not have Charli’s set chalked out on their schedule, there will be a whole lot of youngsters looking forward to catch some of the live action which (if past performances are anything to go by),  is likely to include sparkle, spunk and badassery galore.


FKA twigs, 20:30-21:30, Sunday, West Holts

Does the name Tahliah Debrett Barnett sound familiar to you? How about FKA twigs? If you’re still clueless as to whom we’re talking about, then Glastonbury 2015 is the perfect opportunity to get familiar with this upcoming British singer/songwriter. Trip hop artist FKA twigs from Gloucestershire has made her way to the top by making cameos as a backup dancer for popstars like Jessi J, Kylie Minogue and Taio Cruz. She will get her much-deserved big break performing at the Glastonbury West Holts stage. With musical influences drawing from acts like Portishead and Tricky, hers is a promise of a strong and surreal performance.


Catch up on some of the highlights from all the excitement that went down at Glastonbury over the past two days:

Alabama Shakes, 14:30 – 15:30, Friday Pyramid Stage

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Formed in 2009, Alabama Shakes lived up to their name, creating music that teeters between roots rock and garage rock. The American rockers took the Glastonbury stage two years ago and are “really excited to get back this year.” Says vocalist Brittany Howard, “Mostly, I am excited to play these new songs for people. We had a good set last time we played Glastonbury, but I know this time will be even better.” Howard’s vocals are well beyond her years, perfect for the soulful rock that the band put out in Sound and Colour. Speaking of being beyond their years, Brit rocker Lemmy (Motorhead) took the Pyramid stage later the same evening, braving the critics who say that it’s high time he threw in the towel.


Jamie xx, 21:30 – 22:30, Friday, Park Stage

Music producer and remix artist Jamie xx of pop band The xx took the Park Stage to perform tracks off his debut album In Colour. Performing as a solo act, he will downplay the visual effects and let his beats do the talking. Jamie xx performed his new release by combining the nostalgia of 90s house with some classic synth and rumbling bass before he takes off for his tour.


Mark Ronson, 21:00 – 22:00, Friday, Other Stage

Here’s another electronic act set to take the Other Stage-Mark Ronson whose name you probably encountered while grooving to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” Ronson got his big break with the hit song in 2014, but has collaborated with plenty of other artists like Boy George, Kevin ”˜Tame Impala’ Parker and even Daniel Merriweather, who sang on Ronson’s version of ”˜’Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before’’, all of whom took the stage to perform alongside Ronson.


Florence + the Machine, 22:15 – 23:45, Pyramid Stage

After Dave Grohl’s mishap at Gothenburg which rendered him unable to perform at Glastonbury soon after, Florence +the Machine filled in the spot as the headlining act. Having landed the top slot at the fest, the band has a lot riding on them. But if their headlining performance at Bestival was anything to go by three years ago, the band can only get bigger, better and bolder as they take the Pyramid Stage. With Florence Welch’s inimitable vocals and stage antics, this act was nothing less than a crowd-pulling machine.

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