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Tune Into 5 New Indie Releases from The Past Week

Featuring singer-songwriter Suraj Mani, pop duo Simetri, electro-rockers Inalab and more.

Rolling Stone India Apr 17, 2020

(Clockwise from top left) Simetri, Inalab, Suraj Mani, Huyana and Horse Garden Productions. Photos: Courtesy of the artist (Simetri, Inalab); Courtesy of Motojojo Co.; Kritin Adhia

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Suraj Mani – “I’m Fine”

Ahead of releasing his four-track EP Rinse and Repeat, veteran musician Suraj Mani is out with the poignant single, “I’m Fine.” The easy-going acoustic song features lush guitar strumming, Mani’s timber voice and clever lyrics.

Simetri – “On My Mind”

Mumbai-based sibling pop duo Simetri’s latest single “On My Mind” plays to their strengths. The track has pop elements plastered all over it while the sisters, Riya and Simran Duggal, share the verses and join in on the chorus to blend their voices, creating lush harmonies.

Inalab – The Commons

New Delhi electro-rockers Inalab’s debut five-track EP The Commons is filled with gritty electronica tones juxtaposed with bashing grooves, melodic keyboard and flute work as well as soaring vocals.

Horse Garden Productions – “Sa Ni Dha Pa”

For their new #bringingitback series, Horse Garden Productions have revived the Nineties Colonial Cousins classic “Sa Ni Dha Pa” in their own style. The new version includes slick bass fills, elegant keys, sultry horn parts, chunky guitar and harmonious vocal delivery.

Huyana – “Is It You?”

Bengaluru artist Huyana’s new track “Is It You?” is a silken, seductive R&B-informed track featuring a playfully slow groove that seems to borrow from dancehall and layered pop hooks. The song also includes a hip-hop bridge section.

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