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Turn It Up To 11: Abhijit Namboodiripad of Heretic

The alternative metal guitarist is cranking it up with these tunes right now

Anurag Tagat May 27, 2013
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Abhijit Namboodiripad (far right) of alt metal band Heretic

Bengaluru-based Kochi alternative metallers Heretic are just an album old, with Words To Epilogues released last year, but they are allowed to boast. Heretic picks up six nominations at this year’s Rolling Stone Metal Awards. We always knew there was an underlying Indianness to Heretic’s metal, and their guitarist Abhijit Namboodiripad’s current favorites reflect that.

Daft Punk ”“ “Something About Us”

After listening to the just-released Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories, I had this urge to go back and listen to my favorite DP track from their 2001 release, Discovery.


Skyharbor ”“ “Maeva” and “Catharsis”

The tracks have always been on my playlist over the last year and a half, ever since Keshav [Dhar, Skyharbor guitarist and producer] passed on the tracks to me. One of India’s best kept secrets in all music!


L. Shankar & Frank Zappa ”“ “Darlene”

This track from L. Shankar’s 1979 solo album, Touch Me There, has to be among the best from any Indian contemporary musicians in the last 50 years. I should thank my guitar guru Baiju Dharmajan [former Motherjane] for introducing me to this song.


The Police ”“ “Wrapped Around Your Finger”

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One of my favorite bands of all time. Period!


Textures ”“ “Messengers”

The song has one of the best vocal lines with some very interesting, yet simple use of major scales on an otherwise minor scale-dominated song. 

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