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Turn It Up To 11: Animesh Das of Solar Deity

The black metal band’s bassist is cranking it up with these tracks right now

Anurag Tagat May 17, 2013
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Solar Deity bassist Animesh Das. Photo: Aditya Mehta

Solar Deity bassist Animesh Das. Photo: Aditya Mehta

The big change for bassist Animesh Das this year is completely shifting his attention to black metal band Solar Deity [who play at Blue Frog, Mumbai on Sunday as part of ROLLING STONE Live Night, along with death metal band Reptilian Death and heavy metal band Albatross]. Das was previously part of hardcore punk band The Riot Peddlers. Before Das takes stage on Sunday, robes and all, check out what he’s tuned into.

TesseracT ”“ Altered State

One of my most eagerly anticipated releases of the year. I’m still on my fourth listen, and safe to say that I’m not disappointed. The new vocalist, Ashe O’Hara, effortlessly fits in to half of [former vocalist] Dan Tompkins’ massive shoes. The other half, which are the growls, however, are non-existent. And that’s a beautiful decision. I’m still on not sure if TesseracT have upped themselves from Concealing Fate, but this set of tunes definitely notches above One when heard in its entirety. The bass and drum sections work overtime to keep things interesting throughout, and the additional instrument featured on two tracks will definitely make you sit up and chuckle. Do listen to this album as a whole. It’s a case where the sum is definitely much more than its individual parts.

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High Spirits ”“ “Do You Remember”

A side project of the multi-talented Chris Black, High Spirits blows away every other attempt at reviving a lost sound. The harmonies and melodies bring back the glory days of metal. The songwriting is precise, and very emotive. This is heavy metal at its purest form, made to be listened, hummed and sung along during those long drives home at night. 

The Dillinger Escape Plan ”“ “When I Lost My Bet”

Honestly, I’ve only been able to ”˜get’ The Dillinger Escape Plan since vocalist Greg Puciato took over. What earlier sounded like a wankfest of technical and mathematical wizardry began to sound a bit more human, while continuing to retain the razor sharp, at times, schizophrenic songwriting the band’s known for. “When I Lost My Bet” is the second single from the group’s latest album, and probably, its most accessible and unforgettable track.

Beastie Boys ”“ “Sabotage”

THAT BASS. I first heard this song in an edit suite a long, long time ago, when it was chosen by a senior producer to cut a montage. I remember sneaking back in to the suite after working hours and listening to the song on loop for a good hour. Since then, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Its pulsating rhythm gets your heart pumped up and racing within a nano second. And if you’re interested, the official video is among the best that the Beastie Boys have ever made.

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Slayer ”“ “Hell Awaits”

The only silver lining in Jeff Hanneman’s death has been the re-assurance of the fact that he continues to live on through his music. And it doesn’t get more evil than “Hell Awaits.” This was the first Slayer album I subjected my ears to and it remains the track that I still use when I introduce anyone to the band. Be it the frenetic solos, the heavy-as-fuck intro, or the cheesy yet scary lyrics, you can’t help but headbang along. Yes, you’ve joined in.


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