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Turn It Up To 11: Biprorshee Das of Albatross

The Albatross vocalist is cranking it up with these tunes right now

Rolling Stone India May 02, 2013
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Das on stage with Wolf's Niklas Stalvind at Harley Rock Riders Season III. Photo: Prashin Jagger

Das (left) on stage with Wolf’s Niklas Stalvind at Harley Rock Riders Season III. Photo: Prashin Jagger

“While I still love my iPod and not my great grandfather’s cassette player or Discmans, I am a hardcore old-school guy. So, my playlist is not something that is refreshed very often,” says Biprorshee Das, vocalist of Mumbai heavy metal band Albatross. Among his favorites, it’s no surprise to find Judas Priest and Iron Maiden mentioned, considering Das’s own vocals have a certain shade of Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford.

Joan Baez ”“ “Diamonds and Rust”

This is one song I can never have enough of. It’s probably Joan Baez’s “Hotel California” or “Sweet Child O’ Mine”; very overplayed, but doesn’t fail to make me feel as if I am listening to it for the first time each time my iPod throws it up.

Like I love saying, every song of Joan Baez to me is a lesson in singing. If a song could be a person, “Diamonds and Rust” would be the perfect looking woman in the world. Herein, may I mention the Judas Priest cover of the song? I absolutely love it as well. Particularly, the Live In London version with Ripper Owens on vocals. I keep going back to this cover as well.

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Bon Jovi ”“ “Dry County”

I am a big, big Bon Jovi fan. Of course, the pre- “It’s My Life”  Bon Jovi. I feel Jon Bon Jovi sings this song with so much soul. I’d give an arm and a leg of mine to sing like that, but then I’d look rather strange.

Once more, I love the songwriting, which usually is far from ordinary in most Bon Jovi songs. 


Guns n’ Roses ”“  “Civil War”

Pretty much my favorite GnR track. Axl Rose at his finest. To say nothing of Slash. And the lines “”¦ Do you wear a black arm band when they shot the man who said, ”˜Peace could last forever’?””¦brilliant!


Judas Priest ”“ “Between the Hammer and the Anvil”

I have a new favorite Priest song every seven weeks and this has been mine for the last seven months. With Halford completely owning everything there needs to be owned, this is one Priest song that I completely picture myself singing live every time I listen to it.


Bhayanak Maut ”“ “MNS Messenger”

I am sure this song seems a tad out of place with the others mentioned but yes, I am a sucker for heavy stuff and it isn’t that my iPod is only about hard rock ballads. There is ample Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, Machine Head and more.

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This BM song is my favorite by my favorite Indian band in the genre. I don’t need to mention the madness the guys are live. This song is so much fun and intense at the same time. “Tuzhya aaicha gho”!


Iron Maiden ”“ “Sign of the Cross”

I know I’ve run out of songs I am supposed to mention but there cannot not be an Iron Maiden mention here. The band that is responsible for me being so madly in love with heavy metal. I am one of those few Maiden fans who quite likes Blaze Bayley and love the two albums that he has been a part of. Although it also has to do with Steve Harris’s songwriting that I so bloody love.

Bayley is mad on this one. This song sounds epic and so fucking huge. Then there is the Rock in Rio version of Bruce (Dickinson) singing this song, which is like finding more gold.  

[As told to Arunima Joshua]

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