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Twice Make A Glitter-Fueled Return in The New Video For ‘Feel Special’

The South Korean girl group deliver glitz, glamour and heart in their latest comeback

Riddhi Chakraborty Sep 23, 2019

Twice in the video for "Feel Special."

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After weeks of teasing their fans with gilded new looks and sneak previews, leading South Korean girl group Twice unveiled their latest single “Feel Special” today. The track is the lead single off of Twice’s eighth EP of the same name which is the follow-up to the group’s highly successful seventh EP Fancy You released in April this year.

The track features upbeat deep house elements blended with pop and trap, stepping away from Twice’s bubblegum pop identity a little to present a more mature and complex sound. Rapper Dahyun’s powerful delivery over the trap bridge on her verse is particularly commendable, while leader and main vocalist Jihyo shines on the pre-chorus. The lyrics are a little melancholic but definitely heartwarming, thanking a special person–perhaps a friend, family member, lover or even oneself–for being there when no one else was. “No matter how the world brings me down/Even when hurtful words stab me/I smile again cuz you are there…. One moment I feel like I’m nothing at all/Like no one would notice if I were gone/But then I hear you calling me/ I feel loved, I feel so special.”

Surrounded by gold sets and draped in haute couture, Twice bring glitz, glamour and heart in the video for “Feel Special.” The clip opens with a group shot of the members, all clad in white, as they dance in front of a glimmering gold set in the middle of a water body. The narrative then switches to fantastical solo scenes of each member one by one. At first, each member seems lonely and wistful as they wander their individual dreamscapes, but eventually begin to meet one another in pairs, finding solace and reassurance in each others’ company.

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Several of the members surprised fans by debuting new hairstyles and major fashion transformations in the teaser images, leading to global trends on social media weeks before the release of the video. Main dancer and vocalist Momo in particular caused happy chaos on Twitter when her name trended number one on the platform globally, topping the prestigious Apple Event and confusing non-K-pop fans everywhere.

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