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U.K. Pop Duo The Kondoors Talk New Single and Prep Debut EP

The pair’s four-track record titled ‘Fallen Angel’ releases next month

David Britto Aug 21, 2019

U.K. Pop duo The Kondoors. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Being part of British rocker Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds can be something of a whirlwind. For keyboardist-vocalist Jessica Greenfield it is just that. “It’s mental really. There was one night in L.A. at an after-party where I was hanging out with Noel, Bradley Cooper, Lars Ulrich (from Metallica) and Clem Burke from Blondie. I felt like I was in a weird dream!” she exclaims. Greenfield adds, “Noel and the guys are amazing. Getting to travel the world and play in front of thousands of people is a real dream come true.”

While currently on a North America tour with Gallagher, Greenfield has new music to talk about from her pop duo The Kondoors with musician husband Gavin Conder.

Back in 2003, U.K.-based Greenfield and Conder met through mutual friends to perform at a corporate gig. Since then, the pair have been together as a couple but it was only last year that they released music together as The Kondoors with their debut melancholic single “Postcards.” Greenfield says, “After both doing solo projects we decided to record a version of a song that I’d written with a friend of mine and it sounded so right and we just thought, ‘We’re onto something here’ and started writing together.”

Writing together has led them to announce the release of their debut four-track EP Fallen Angel scheduled to be out on September 25th. Last week, they dropped the record’s first single, the pop country-tinged title track. On the song, Greenfield says, “We wrote it about how love can set you free from feeling lost. It’s a song about hope really.”

The Kondoors’ debut EP ‘Fallen Angel’ releases next month. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Ask The Kondoors how their writing process works and Conder explains, “I’m all about losing myself in music. I might come up with a rough demo in the studio of an instrumental idea and we work on that.” He adds, “I love the psychedelia and freedom of the Sixties and Seventies era and I love to incorporate that sound.” For Greenfield, she states that it could either be lyrics that pop into her head or a chord progression that may spark something. “It can take a while to get past any criticism which is inevitable when you’ve been together for nearly 16 years, but once we’ve gotten over that it flows nicely,” she says.

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Their forthcoming Fallen Angel EP was recorded at Nashville’s Room and Board studios under the watchful eye of Grammy Award-winning American producer Ray Kennedy who has previously worked with the likes of Steve Earle, Taylor Swift, and Lucinda Williams. Greenfield says, “We felt that the combination of our soulful sound would be a nice mix with the more country sound of the musicians over there.”

Having already visited India previously, The Kondoors are keen to tour the country too. “Let’s make it happen! India is a magical place,” says Greenfield. Ask her if she can persuade the former Oasis guitarist to also make an appearance in these parts and she says, “I’ll suggest it to Noel to play a gig too!”

Next, the duo has a music video coming out for “Fallen Angel” and also a tour in the pipeline once the EP is out. The Kondoors are also working on their debut LP which is due for next year.

Stream “Fallen Angel” on Spotify below and click here to listen to the song on other platforms.

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