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Uday Benegal Defies Laws of Nature in the Music Video for ‘Antigravity’

Nexa Music’s newest offering is a spellbinding video about an alternative universe free of judgment

Rolling Stone India Jul 26, 2019

Mumbai-based veteran musician Uday Benegal features on "Antigravity." Photo: Courtesy of Nexa Music

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One thing we’ve learned following Uday Benegal’s career over the years is that he knows how to rock. The vocalist-guitarist and frontman of Mumbai rockers Indus Creed (previously known as Rock Machine) does just that and some on his latest track “Antigravity.” The new song is released as part of the ongoing Nexa Music series presented by Maruti Suzuki in collaboration with digital media company Qyuki. Benegal is one of the four headliners on Nexa Music, alongside musicians Anushka ManchandaClinton Cerejo and Nikhil D’Souza.

The pulsating rock rager, “Antigravity,” by Benegal – who also fronted erstwhile acoustic band Whirling Kalapas and more recently starred in Aadyam’s English musical Sing India Sing – is Nexa Music’s third release after Manchanda’s electro-pop song “Queen of My Castle” and D’souza’s love ballad “This Heart of Mine,” both of which have gone on to receive streams in the millions.

With the new song, Nexa Music showcases Benegal in his own world of antigravity – a space with no boundaries and no judgements. The bold lyrics urge you to pursue your dreams even as you fight your own demons.

In the video for “Antigravity,” directed by Dubai-based filmmaker Tejal Patni, we’re treated to a visual delight that ranges from abstract imagery to people breaking free and expressing themselves through art. Benegal is seen as a sort of museum installation held inside a glass structure filled with water.

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Benegal says of the track, “For me, ‘Antigravity’ is a song about rising above the crap, rising above the pressure. It’s about getting above and beyond the things that bring people down and honestly the only thing that stands between despair and joy is your own state of mind.” He adds, “So all you’ve got to do is find a way to flip a switch in your head and look at the world in a different way. Better to look at the world from above than look at the world from below.” The song is also true to the musician’s life who has overcome his own amount of setbacks.

Speaking of the sharp, disruptive treatment of the video, Patni adds, “Can I say that my style is a result of trial and error? I am in control of my mistakes. It is this trial and error that finally makes something great appear. I don’t fear failure. I see it as a chance to do and learn something new. It keeps my work fresh and always evolving.”

 “Antigravity” has been composed and produced by Bianca Gomes and Cerejo. Gomes also adds her own flavor to the song with a fiery rap verse. Indo/American rockers Skyharbor’s guitarist-producer Keshav Dhar mixed and mastered the song at Mumbai’s The Groove Room studio.

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Last month, Nexa Music announced their Top 24 and it won’t be long now before we discover the newest torchbearers for English music in the Indian music scene. Benegal says, “I think Nexa Music can change [the music scene] really positively, so I’m very happy to be a part of it for that reason.” Next, Nexa Music is working on a song with Cerejo which is slated for an August release.

Watch the video for “Antigravity” below:

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