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UK Electronica Artist Engine-Earz Tours India this Month

The Brit Indian electronica artist, along with Bristol-based DJ Asa, perform in Delhi today

Rolling Stone India May 23, 2014
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Midway through electronica act Engine-Earz’s first tour set in Mumbai, producer Prashant Mistry and rapper Pavan Mukhi [from UK hip hop/dubstep group Foreign Beggars] found out their audience, a packed house at club Royalty, wasn’t really interacting with the duo. Mistry turned down the music and Mukhi demanded a “fuck yeah!” from the audience before they would play any further.

All the crowd needed was tough love from Engine-Earz, who is playing a mix of new grime, dubstep and drum ”˜n bass as part of their five-city tour this month. Says Mistry, “I think the whole idea is about introducing new music and new sounds. In India, people [DJs] are so meticulous that they tend to over-plan everything, but we like to keep it as much about the venue and crowd as we can.”

Mistry, who appeared on an episode of music collaboration TV series The Dewarists in 2013, has returned to India several times after his first gig in the country, at the 2012 edition of Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune. He is back in India this month for a five-city tour with Bristol-based electronica producer DJ Asa, as part of VDot Emerge, a music series launched by VH1 India last year. Their Mumbai show included a set by producer and guitarist Randolph Correia aka Func, from electro rock band Pentagram and electro pop band Shaa’ir + Func.

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Ahead of the tour, Mistry, Asa, Func and Mukhi spent two days to create a track and a music video, which Mistry describes as a combination of each of their musical styles. Asa adds, “The only context we had to start with was the name ”˜Emerge’ [the name of the tour]. When you’ve got four or five people in one studio, it can be a bit much but fortunately it worked really well.”


Engine-Earz, DJ Asa V.Dot Emerge Tour:

May 23rd – Blue Frog, New Delhi

May 24th ”“ Roxy, Kolkata

May 30th ”“ Que Bar, Pune

May 31st ”“ Vapour, Bengaluru


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