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The Ultimate Stay-In Monsoon Playlist

From Mali’s nostalgic offering to Karshni’s acoustic ballad, here are our top picks to get you through the rain

Keifer Lobo Jun 18, 2019

The best of pop, folk, rock and blues await listeners in this monsoon playlist.

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 “Stuff On Our Minds” – Aditi Ramesh

Mumbai-based Carnatic singer-songwriter Aditi Ramesh dances with rhythm and blues in her song “Stuff On Our Minds.” Whether you lose yourself on the bed of groovy drums or in the soft chords, the almost ballad-like lyrics are sure to take you someplace you’ve never been.

“Enjoy It While It Lasts” – Easy Wanderlings

“Enjoy It While It Lasts” is a song that perfectly describes itself. Pune dream-pop collective Easy Wanderlings’ vocalist Pratika Gopinath’s voice is bold and mesmerizing, leaving you wishing the song doesn’t come to an end. This silky smooth track could muffle the rage of the stormy showers. Give it a listen.

“Play” – Mali

If the rain can’t invoke some good old nostalgia, then “Play” by Mumbai singer-songwriter Maalavika Manoj aka Mali will bring on the memories. The serene and peaceful track is a soothing acoustic tune. Mali’s grandfather M.C. Rammohan accompanies her on this track, punctuating the rhythm with the rich, reedy sound of the harmonica. Together, the duo could take you through the streets of any city.

“Blue Rain” – Kanchan Daniel & The Beards

“Blue Rain” by Mumbai blues-rockers Kanchan Daniel & The Beards is a song as rich as the petrichor that accompanies the rain.  Sweet guitar strumming, groovy drum beats and rhythmic chords on the keyboard fill the auditory plane with a sound that will amaze you. Band frontwoman Kanchan Daniel’s chilling vocals prove her mettle as a blues singer.

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“Awaaz Yaad Rakhna” – Fiddlecraft

“Awaaz Yaad Rakhna” is an indie-soul offering by the Pune indie-pop band Fiddlecraft. The multiple guitars in the song layer it with tones that complement and supplement each other wonderfully. The finger picking of the acoustic guitar mingles with the percussion on the cajon to lure listeners into the song. We suggest you let it!

“No Surprise” – Shorthand

With “No surprise,” New Delhi jazz/rock band Shorthand gives its audience just the right beat to get their groove going. Vocalist Sreya Muthukumar’s bluesy vibrato breaks the lyrics only to bring fantastic progressive/blues/jazz-rock instrumentals into the spotlight. Give them a listen!

“You Say You’re Not Sorry” – Aasha Sriram

Singer-songwriter Aasha Sriram and her acoustic guitar blend seamlessly to produce a Sunday afternoon melody backed by the six-string bass. The ‘she says-he says’ lyrics are connected by beautiful slides on the fuzzy bass and chords from the easy acoustic guitar. Put your feet up, chose a point in the sky to stare at and click play.

“Eyes On You” – Lal And The People

“Eyes On You” is seemingly designed to be a tour around the fret board. It’s an instrumental track made of blues licks and slides and bends that tell you that you’ve come to the right place. You’ll have the track set to loop.

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“Vanilla” – Karshni

Pune/Mumbai singer-songwriter Karshni Nair aka Karshni spells out a dream in “Vanilla.” The track is sublime and beautiful, encapsulating an anxious state of mind through the lyrics and the gentle acoustic instrumentals. “Vanilla” is the song to lean back in your chair and listen to.

“Like The Rain” – Alisha Pais

Mumbai folk-rock singer-songwriter Alisha Pais delivers powerful and husky vocals to the rhythm of the acoustic guitar on “Like The Rain.” The song will put you onto a path of reflection about life, love and everything in between.

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