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Undying Inc. Announce New Bassist, Future Plans

The New Delhi groove/tech metallers have recruited London-based bassist Carl Dawkins; to release a new single and tour in March

Anurag Tagat Feb 16, 2017
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Undying Inc. in 2017 - Shashank Bhatnagar, Nishant Hagjer, Biswarup Gupta and Carl Dawkins. Photo: Srijan Mahajan

Undying Inc. in 2017 – Shashank Bhatnagar, Nishant Hagjer, Biswarup Gupta and Carl Dawkins. Photo: Srijan Mahajan

A change in lineup is also a change in power structures, if New Delhi groove/tech metal band Undying Inc.’s remaining members are to be believed. The band, who parted ways with bassist and visual designer Reuben Bhattacharya in November last year, don’t shy away from saying that things got ugly, to the point of saying that the bassist controlled a lot of aspects of the band. Drummer Nishant Hagjer says, “A major part of it was very controlling. Now the process is more fluid, it feels like your own band and you do what you want to do.”

Undying’s transformation now includes roping in a new bassist, a new logo and working on a new single. Carl Dawkins, currently session bassist for UK metallers Cypher16 (who have toured India in the past), was understandably shocked when he heard Bhattacharya had left the band. Hagjer, who was on tour with Nepal metallers Underside in the UK, met Dawkins and consulted with Shashank Bhatnagar to get the bassist on board. Hagjer recalls how Dawkins had to pull his car over to process the news. “Everyone was up for this plan,” says the drummer.

London-based bassist Carl Dawkins. Photo: Srijan Mahajan

London-based bassist Carl Dawkins. Photo: Srijan Mahajan

Dawkins says he’s always been a fan of the band and considers Bhattacharya as a good friend.  “When I was asked, I called up Reuben and asked him his thoughts on me doing it.” The band’s new bassist, who was down in New Delhi incognito to record and shoot a video with Undying, calls the move a “new chapter [that] has started to be written.”

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Bhatnagar adds about Dawkins, “He’s very driven and an old friend of the band. He’s a very proactive musician and we’re quite driven too, so that matches.” The vocalist says there are no challenges in making or playing music despite now having a member based in a different country. Guitarist Biswarup Gupta says, “Working with Carl made me realize just how different he looks at work and how we work. He gets things done! And we really need to make use of time as optimally as possible.” Hagjer adds with a laugh, “We had two jam sessions, everything was so efficient. Carl was kind of pushing us and it was very good.”

With a new logo by designer Anirudh Singh, new single ”“ a retooled version of their live staple “Urban Combat” that’s now called “Alpha Absolute” was recorded at Studio Fuzz and is mixed and mastered by engineer Justin Hill (former co-vocalist at UK metaller SikTh) ”“ and tour plans set for the North East, New Delhi and at least eight cities in all in March, Undying also have an eye on more international gigs now that they have a rep in the UK. Bhatnagar adds, “I think we reached that peak following long time back in India and it’s not just about doing shows. It’s about having people remember you.”

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Watch the video unveiling Undying Inc.’s new logo, by Udit Mahar. 

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