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Undying Inc Back With Vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar

The Delhi technical/groove metal band promise a new single next month

Anurag Tagat Aug 12, 2013
Undying Inc.

Undying Inc.

After a seven-month search, Delhi metallers Undying Inc have finally decided to bury the hatchet and reunite with original vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar. Last week, the band resumed jamming with Bhatnagar, who left the band at the end of December last year citing musical and personal differences.

While the natural assumption is that the band did not find a suitable replacement for Bhatnagar [following auditions that started in January], bassist Reuben Bhattacharya says it was about letting go of their differences, a sentiment that Bhatnagar shares. Says Bhattacharya, “We’re all a bunch of friends who just want to play metal. It’s not rocket science [to regroup]. There were good guys from across India [who auditioned to be vocalists], but in the end, there was the chemistry we had with Shashank.”

Bhatnagar had previously mentioned being part of other projects, including a Sufi band and a metal band, after leaving Undying Inc, which he will continue to work with. “We were trying to set up the sound and it took a while, but anything I do [outside of Undying Inc] will probably be a studio project now.”

While Bhattacharya was working on new material with guitarist Biswarup Gupta and drummer Nishant Hagjer,  Bhatnagar is now writing vocal parts and lyrics for Undying Inc’s upcoming EP. Although there are no plans for a comeback gig, the band hits the studio with Skyharbor guitarist Keshav Dhar to record the EP, which may include six tracks, later this month.

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The yet-to-be-titled EP is their first with Hagjer, who replaced Yuvraj Sen on drums in September last year. Says Bhatnagar, “All I can say is it’s much more brutal, heavy and faster than anything we’ve written.” Bhattacharya adds, “It’s a step up for the band with Nishant on board. A new single should be out very soon.” 


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