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Undying Inc Get Back on Track

After a brief lull, the New Delhi groove/tech metallers will perform at G-Shock Fireball this week

Anurag Tagat May 07, 2019

Undying Inc - Shashank Bhatnagar, Nishant Hagjer, Biswarup Gupta and Ezra Helios (from left). Photo: Puneet Jain and Yeashu Yuvraj

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Even while recovering from a bout of severe tonsillitis, New Delhi metallers Undying Inc‘s vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar sounds his usual jovial self. “I wasn’t able to speak. Even now, I’m just hoping I can scream right,” he says ahead of his set at gig series G-Shock Fireball in the capital on May 8th.

Performing alongside Shillong death metallers Plague Throat (promoting their new EP Evolutionary Impasse), Hindi metallers Warwan (launching their debut album Chakra) and Guwahati tech/slam band Jammers Graveyard, Undying Inc return to the stage after a quiet period of a few months. Drummer Nishant Hagjer was back home in Guwahati tending to family, while Bhatnagar was saving his voice. Their second gig with latest recruit, bassist Ezra Helios, the band will perform forthcoming new material, including songs like “Glock” (which could see release later this month) and “Deep Sea.” Bhatnagar adds, “We’re getting Jayant [Bhadula, vocalist] from Bloodywood to join us for ‘Manimal.’”

Although it’s a mid-week dose of metal, G-Shock Fireball is the first metal gig being hosted at mainstay venue Auro Kitchen & Bar. Bhatnagar says it’s taken about a year and a half of convincing and the venue is even extending the stage space to make bands comfortable. The vocalist’s event company Unbolly Inc. is part of the co-organizing team with Guwahati’s Rocka Rolla. In addition to the music, they’ve called in illustrator Santanu Hazarika to not just showcase his art but also a three-panel piece created specially for the event. New Delhi-based artist Ryan Omega gives Fireball a more gruesome hue, featuring live blood art.

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G-Shock Fireball: New Delhi takes place on May 8th at Auro Kitchen and Bar. Event details here.

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