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Unohu Return With Crushing Single ‘Upside Down’

The track is the Mumbai alt rock band’s first release since 2016’s EP ‘Babel’

David Britto Sep 27, 2019

Mumbai alt rockers Unohu. Photo: Simone Gandhi

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Earlier today Mumbai alt rockers Unohu dropped a brand new single in the form of the crunchy and at times pulsating “Upside Down.” The song is the band’s first piece of fresh music since their 2016 four-track sophomore EP Babel.

With “Upside Down,” the band – comprising vocalist-guitarist Sarthak Karkare, drummer Shashwat Karkare and bassist Yohann Coutinho – showcase a developed sound and more mature songwriting compared to their earlier material.

The track opens with a booming bass intro and Sarthak’s vocals before Shashwat brings his melodic groove in with a snare hit. The verses stay light with embellished hooky “oohs.” Musically the track’s chorus has a climb effect while Sarthak sings “You cry foul/We’re lost and found” almost in a descending fashion which creates a contrasting effect. That section also features some gritty guitar parts. The song also goes into a psychedelic rock bridge breakdown before heading into one last line with just Sarthak singing, drums and the main vocal hook.

“Upside Down” was recorded, produced and mixed by Mumbai-based engineer Ayan De at his Midicore Studios. The track is currently only available exclusively on Apple Music.

Listen to “Upside Down” below: 

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