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Until We Last


Rolling Stone India Sep 17, 2013
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Until We Last is an instrumental post-rock band from Bangalore that began as guitarist Ketan Bahirat’s solo bedroom project in. The band now comprises Bahirat (Guitar and Sampling), Ayush Jain (Samples and Keyboards), Ralston D’souza (Drums, Percussion), Chaithanya Jade (Guitars) (who replaced Bhargav Sosale after the latter left to study abroad) and Anjan Bhojraj (Bass). The band produces tunes that utilize more instruments and provide a psychedelic, lush sound. They aim to revolutionize the post-rock scene by taking their audience on an emotional journey through their live performances. In 2012 they released bootleg EPs comprising songs such as “To Space & Back” and “Rain” and plan to release an LP later in 2013. The band has performed regularly Bengaluru and at venues such as Kino 108 , their debut show in Mumbai in September 2013, Chennai’s Unseen Underground and many more. 

Listen to Until We Last here

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