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Here I Stand
One and a half stars
Sony BMG

Shazneen Acharia Jul 11, 2008
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So Usher got married, popped out a son and a half baked album in his 4 year long sabbatical. Multi-tasking is definitely not for him! He sure made better music repenting his sins with TLC’s Chilli. This whipped suburban boy has bartered his clubbing life for grocery shopping and 4am feedings; probably that’s why he hasn’t been able to concentrate too much on the one thing that paid the bills ”“ his music! Here I Stand is an album about Usher’s married life, dedicated to his wife and son. It would have made a great Valentine’s day present for Tameka Foster [the 37 year old new Mrs Usher Raymond] maybe but it’s not even worth a free download.

Usher has tried really hard to match up to his collaborators Jay-Z, Will.i.am, Beyonce, Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy, and fails miserably. ”˜Love In This Club’ the first single to be released from this album has an almost bearable beat, that’s if you don’t concentrate on the lyrics too much. ”˜This Ain’t Sex’ and ”˜Love You Gently’ are also pledged to Usher’s insatiable libido for his wife as the lyrics prove ”“ “Light as a feather/But hard as a rock”.

The one laudable thing about the album is the production ”“ full stop. The entire album on the whole is forgettable. It’s hard to believe that this is the same man who brought out an album that re-defined RnB music ”“ Confessions. Time to go out break some hearts and trash some suites and get some inspiration, Usher.

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